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Urban Wedding Chic: A Marriage Made in Maboneng

Maboneng has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for businessman, socialites and artists alike. Not only does this popular hub provide Joburgers with restaurants, entertainment venues, retail stores and art galleries but it now lends itself to become the perfect city wedding backdrop. Franco and Taryn tell us of their wedding made in Maboneng heaven.

Wedding Snapshot:

  • Date: 5 March 2017
  • Location: Maboneng, Johannesburg
  • Venue: The Living Room Jozi
  • Number of guests: 100

Roxy: Why did you decide on the venue you chose?

Taryn: Franco and I both wanted something different and true to our style. We are both Joburg born and bred and wanted to show off our love for the city with a relaxed and lounge-style affair. We looked at one other venue before we headed off to the Living Room. As soon as we walked in we knew that this was going to be the perfect place to say our “I do’s”.

Roxy: What look and feel were you going for with your decor and overall mood of the wedding?

Taryn: The Living Room already has such a vibe. The rooftop loft style was exactly what we wanted our guests to enjoy. The decor for the wedding was a mismatch of all elements we both love; geometric shapes, rose gold accents, lots of greenery and wood. Franco loves a more industrial feel where I prefer more of a soft and whimsical look so we created this effect by mixing up contrasting textures and various items we (and our co-ordinator) found a few weeks before the wedding. From vintage pieces to hired items and also things that we had around the house. We really did fill the space with all things we love and adore.

Roxy: What flowers did you use?

Taryn: I didnt want too much colour at the wedding so we opted for all types of greenery and tropical inspiration. Succlents, pitcher plants, ferns, tulips and Black Calla lilies.

Roxy: Are there any other special decor elements you used/created?

Taryn: We created and printed the table seating arrangements ourselves and next to each person we put a small gesture about why we loved them and the reason they were attending our special day. My sister in law who did all of our decor and flowers for the day made a huge disco ball made from Delicious Monster leaves which hung above the dance floor. One of my favourite items on the day! Sam Corcoran played her guitar and Ukelele for our guests to enjoy and she truly made magic that afternoon. Her voice is angelic, so much so that she sang Bon Iver’s Skinny Love as I walked into the church for the first time. Just thinking about it brings me to tears.


Roxy: Tell us about picking out your dress? What did you wear and what inspired it?

Taryn: Picking a dress didn’t take too long. I had recently had our second son and so mama was carrying a bit of extra weight and so I waited until the last possible moment to do dress fittings. We went through to a wedding dress boutique in Pretoria called Bridal Manor and I tried on about 30 dresses over a few glasses of champers. Just when I was about to give up my sister went to have a look at the back for me and brought out the winning one. A little lace Lilian West number that was elegant and quirky and brought us all to tears. I loved it as much when I first saw it as I do now looking at it hanging proudly in my cupboard. Timeless and beautiful!

Roxy: How did you get ideas for your wedding? Did you have a coordinator or was Pinterest your best friend?

Taryn: I have never had a little black book of wedding ideas and as great as Pinterest is we decided to just go with what felt right. Our wedding only took a few short months to plan and execute and looking back on it I wouldn’t have done it any other way. My sister in law was such a HUGE help as she has been in the industry for years and knew our style and where to source all the items we needed and didn’t have at home. The most important thing for me was to make sure that people could see us in every aspect of our wedding. From the food, to my dress and our choice of venue. I think we did just that!

Roxy: Tell us about your bridesmaids/groomsmens outfits?

Taryn: Not only do my bridesmaids hail from all different parts of the globe; my sister in Fourways, my cousin in New Zealand and my best friend in Cape Town but they all also have different shapes and sizes. I knew that putting them in the same style dress would be disastrous. Shopping is second nature to me so I went one morning and bought three of the same dresses. I then deconstructed them and resewed them into three separate looks (the joys of being a fashion designer). The colour had to be Maroon and all accessories needed to be black and rose gold.

For both the groomsmen and bridesmaids we wanted something they could wear again and again so we opted for simple looks and the boys were dressed to impress head to toe in Converse and H&M. As a surprise for my hubby and the bridal party I had badges made up representing their unique personalities and reasons why they were the chosen ones haha.


Roxy: How did you pick your photographer and/or videographer?Was there a particular style you were looking for?

Taryn: Photography is the one thing that took a lot of research and planning. I had seen a lot of epic fails and I did not want this happening on our special day. A friend of mine had recently got married and her photographers were unbelievable so there was no doubt in my mind that their suggestion would be vital in my decision making process. Because Franco and I are not photo people we did not want thousands of pointless cheesy pics but rather a few amazing shots that capture us as a couple and show the love we have in our little family unit. I recently collected our wedding book and cried for days at the beautiful images our photographers caught. Each special and funny moment all captured forever on our coffee table.


Roxy: Tell us about the menu.

Taryn: Franco is Lebanese and so food for us was a very important item on the agenda. We love to eat out and when we travel we love to try various street food and so we went for easy finger foods that our guests could enjoy. The starters were an array of Lebanese meze style foods that his aunt and mom had made up for us. These were complimented by a gourmet style serving of a Guiness and smoked bacon, Jack Daniels infused cheese sliders and Mandarin infused chickpea wraps all courtesy of Cadillac Jacks. Each meal was served up on a branded wooden block of our names and then guests were able to take this home as a thank you and reminder of our special day.

Roxy: What did you do for a wedding cake?

Taryn: Keeping along the lines of serving food we love our wedding cake was made entirely of Krispy Kreme donuts that had been decorated and iced in colours to match the wedding.

Roxy: Is there a particular moment that stands out from the day?

Taryn: It may sound cliched but the entire day for me was a huge high. Each moment was special and unique in its own way. But if I had to pick a few standout moments (apart from seeing hubby for the first time) these would be them:

  • Franco is part of the Vesperados and these lovely gentleman decided to surprise us and convoy the car through the CBD from our church to the venue. Stopping traffic along the way and hooting and screaming like crazy.
  • My brother in law and Franco’s best man welcomed me into the family with the most beautiful and heart warming speech.
  • Dancing with my husband for the first time. We both have a lack of co-ordination and our weeks of late night practising in the lounge courtesy of YouTube videos paid off.
  • And of course having both of our little boys there to celebrate with us. Showering us with cuddles and kisses, I even have strawberry stains on my train. Evidence that I am a mom first and foremost.

Roxy: How did you feel when you saw your husband for the first time walking down the aisle?

Taryn: Franco and I have known each other since high school, we have been friends forever and a day. We have had the privilege of welcoming two beautiful boys into the world but nothing prepared me for that overwhelming feeling of love and pride I felt when I looked down at this man who was not only my best friend and father to my children, but would now be my husband and partner in crime for the rest of our lives.

Taryn and Franco’s big day was featured on MNET’s “The Wedding Bashers” this past Sunday so catch it on Catch Up if you can! If you loved their wedding please vote for them here. I know they’d really appreciate it! Voting ends 19 September.


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