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Hayley Owen’s Darling Dullstroom Wedding

When I heard that Actress Hayley Owen was getting married I immediately thought, “she is going to make the most beautiful bride!” And that was most definitely the case. Below is the wedding journey of Hayley and Shaun.


Wedding Snapshot:

  1. Date: 14 March 2015
  2. Location: 2hrs out of Joburg – towards Dullstroom
  3. Venue: Silver Sixpence
  4. Number of guests: 160

Roxy: Why did you decide to have a location wedding?

Haley: We wanted to extend the party as long as possible. We also wanted an opportunity to chat to all our guests.

Roxy: What look and feel were you going for with your décor and overall mood of the wedding?

Hayley: From the beginning I wanted it to be extremely romantic – hundreds of roses and loads of candles!

Roxy: How involved was your husband? Or did you get to do whatever you wanted?

Hayley: Haha, he was very involved when it came to the music, venue, bar and honeymoon. With regards to the décor and finer details, he was happy to let me be.

Roxy: Tell us about picking out your dress? How did you eventually pick “the one”?

Hayley: I looked at a few shops but once I went to De La Vida in Fourways I knew I had found my dress. Every dress I tried on at De La Vida could have been “the one.” It was hard to choose!

Roxy: And your accessories as well as hair and make-up?

Hayley: I love the boho style so I opted just for a boho touch with my flower headband. When the dance floor opened I exchanged the flower headband for something a little more bling.With my hair and make up I wanted to look like the Hayley that people know. I wore my hair in soft curls and my make up was soft but elegant.

Roxy: Was it important to wear comfy shoes or was it all about the look?

Hayley: I planned to dance for hours at my wedding so comfort was important. I also didn’t want to be taller than Shaun. I wore beautiful Benjamin Adam shoes from Christiaan Michael and I was able to keep them on all night.

Roxy: Tell us about your wedding band?

Hayley: I love baguette cut diamonds. They are beautiful and not that common. My band has three baguette diamonds that match the baguettes in my engagement ring. We got our rings at Jenna Clifford in Morningside. Going to that showroom is a fairytale experience on its own.

Roxy: Tell us about your bridesmaid’s dresses?

Hayley: Crystal Garnet in Fourways made my bridesmaid dresses. They were soft and flowing, continuing the romantic theme. I chose two different shades of pink but kept the all in the same style.

Roxy: How did the groom and groomsmen dress?

Hayley: Shaun went ‘James bond style.’ He wore an incredibly tailored suit from Bryce Exclusive Wear in Michelangelo Towers. We hired suits for the groomsmen, which was not such a good idea if you saw what they looked like at the end of the night.

Roxy: How did you pick your photographer and/or videographer? Was there a particular style you were looking for?

Hayley: My photographer was Jo Spies. He took all the publicity shots for The Wild and since then I have found every excuse to work with him. His beauty work is excellent and I knew he would make us look good. He is also fun to be around and makes everyone laugh and relax. I have had several requests for his details from those that met him.

Roxy: Tell us about the menu.

Hayley: During photographs we had a harvest table of breads, cheeses, biltong, dips, cold meats and bruschetta. For the reception we had a trout starter. For mains we had roast lamb and mini chicken pies and for dessert; mini cupcakes, crème brule and lemon meringue. We also had mini dom pedros on the dessert table which were a hit! Shaun and I are complete foodies so the food was important. Unice Anne Badenhorst does all the catering for the venue and guests were raving about the food.

Roxy: What did you do for a wedding cake?

Hayley: Our wedding cake was a piñata filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates. After the ceremony we were blindfolded and smashed open our cake before going for photographs.

Roxy: What about your flowers?

Hayley: We had different shades of vintage pink roses. The roses were in all different size vases and even around the dance floor. I wish they lasted forever.

Roxy: Did you give your guests any wedding favours?

Hayley: Yes. The ladies were spoilt with my bottles of my favourite perfume, Swarovski Aura and a Swarovski key ring. The guys all received a mini bottle of Jagermeister.


Roxy: Is there a particular moment that stands out from the day?

Hayley: I loved every second but walking down the aisle towards Shaun with my mom and dad on either side of me stands out as very special.

Roxy: How did you feel when you saw your husband for the first time walking down the aisle?

Hayley: From that moment on we both didn’t stop smiling the whole night!


  1. Wedding planner/coordinator: Lesley Drummond from The Silver Sixpence
  2. Venue: The Silver Sixpence
  3. Catering/food: Unice Anne Badenhorst
  4. Décor: Unice Anne Badenhorst
  5. Flowers: Unice Anne Badenhorst
  6. Dress: St Patrick, De La Vida Fourways
  7. Makeup: Jenny Sprawson 082 855 7020
  8. Hair: Deidre Harmse 084 827 0236
  9. Cake: Chalys
  10. Photographer: Jo Spies

Hayley and Shaun’s wedding was also featured on SABC 3’s Top Billing. Have a look below:

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