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Bohemian Luxe Wedding Gowns: White Lilly Atelier

The perfect wedding dress, is there such a thing? The perfect wedding dress can bring such joy to your special day but equally a vast amount of stress. My own wedding dress debacle resulted in me having to make my dress as nothing I tried on was unique or special. How I wish I had known about White Lilly Atelier. The boho-luxe inspired designs scream to my fashion needs and wants. I tracked down founder and designer, Jacelyn Gozadinos to chat about her wedding dress business, White Lilly Atelier.

White Lilly Atelier founder and designer, Jacelyn Gozadinos

Roxy: How did White Lilly Atelier come about?

Jacelyn: I have worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and have been lucky enough to travel extensively across the globe. From this journey I launched my own bridal label in 2013. The move into haute couture, and specifically bridal wear, was a natural progression.


Jacelyn: The experience I gained building and running businesses in the fashion industry was invaluable and key to me recognising a gap in the market for the bridal collections I offer. My designs are an extension of who I am. They are elegant garments that are easy to wear. I am very particular about the fabrics used for our dresses, which really sets our brand apart. I adore silk and other natural fabrics. There is a lot of passion and love that goes into every garment we make.


Roxy: Do you follow trends or ‘beat to your own drum?’

Jacelyn: As much as I love to stay abreast of the latest textile and fashion trends, I’m much happier when I create dresses from the soul, so my designs tend to be unique. My inspiration comes from many varied sources: music, art, the textures and colours of nature, and of course, beautiful fabric.


Roxy: What is the overall aesthetic to your designs?

Jacelyn: The overall aesthetic of my work is unique and easy to wear. I create boho-luxe wedding gowns that are romantic, feminine and occasionally avant-garde, but I also love to design simple, sophisticated dresses with clean lines that create a statement.


Roxy: What are your price points?

Jacelyn: Dresses in our new, ready-to-wear Modern Romance Collection are priced from R11 400.00 to R26 800.00. Our bespoke gowns start at R20 000.

Roxy: Do you work with any particular/favourite fabric?

Jacelyn: I adore luxury fabrics more specifically, high quality, natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe, resulting in incredible comfort. Synthetic fibers tend to insulate heat, leaving the bride hot and sticky after a full day. Beautiful fabrics make all the difference!

Roxy: Do you have a favourite wedding dress designer? If so, why?

Jacelyn: I love Rue de Seine. The founder and designer, Michele Corty, created this beautiful and now, iconic international bridal label only a few years ago. I love her rebellious use of fabrics and the way she designs. I’m so inspired by what she has achieved in such a short time.

Rue de Seine

Roxy: Do you have any iconic wedding dress moments?

Jacelyn: There are so many. I adored Amanda Holdens latest dress! Then I would say Kate Moss and Poppy Delevingne’s wedding gowns are a couple of my favourites.

Kate Moss – Dress designed by John Galliano
Poppy Delevingne – Dress designed by Chanel

Roxy: What type of bride generally walks through your doors?

Jacelyn: I have such an incredible job I meet beautiful, strong women every day! The brides who typically choose White Lilly Atelier have a keen sense of self, are looking for dresses that are different, comfortable, and natural. I design for the free-spirited bride, the modernista, the bohemian goddess and every woman in between!


So I can safely say there is not one dress I do not like in the new White Lilly Modern Romance range. From classic cuts to unique designs for the woman looking for something different. My days of trying on wedding dresses are now over, but I would highly recommend any of my friends or readers to visit White Lilly Atelier if their someone special has popped the question.

You can contact Jacelyn via the White Lilly website, here. You can also follow them on Instagram, here.

Much love on your wedding journey,


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