The Wanderlust Wanderlist with Fix Moeti: Croatia

Fix Moeti

One of the destinations I have yet to discover is Croatia. A few of my friends have been and I have vicariously lived through their Instagram pictures one post at a time. When I heard that 5FM DJ, Fikile Moeti (affectionately known by most as Fix), was headed in that direction I jumped at the opportunity to hear all about her trip. And here it is, in all its glory!


Love Roxy

Fix Moeti 5FM

Travel Snapshot:

  1. Country: Croatia
  2. Cities/Islands Visited: Split to Makarska, Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Slano & Dubrovnik
  3. Month of Travel: June/July otherwise known as “Heat Wave Weather”
  4. Duration of Stay: 9 Days
  5. Resort/Hotel: A Pirate Boat… Aaaarrrrr!
  6. Total Cost: Approx. R30 000


Roxy: What were your first impressions upon arrival in Croatia?

Fix: First impression was, ‘I could live here!’ Croatia is an Eastern European Country along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea where the men are the ‘beautiful dark athletic type’ and the lifestyle and mountainous views remind me of Cape Town. I am a water baby that loves the outdoors and adventure so there were many moments where I saw myself actually living this Croatian beach life.

Roxy: Which city or island was your favourite and why?

Fix: Mmmm…I would say Split! We managed to spend 2 nights in Split before our 7 day pirate boat trip and had a chance to book ourselves into a ‘Game Of Thrones’ looking apartment right by the Diocletian’s Palace (City Centre) and the port. Beaches, bars, cafés you name it!


Roxy: Tell me about your hotels/resorts? Do any stand out?

Fix: We went through a company called that is similar to airbnb (renting out apartments from the locals). I recommend this over a cruise or sailing trip, as it is cheaper and more comfortable, unless you find yourself on a ‘Beyoncé kind of yacht’ of course. Travelling from island to island can be done with boat taxis or ferries. Looking back I wish we had done it that way. As much as I enjoyed parts of my 7 day sailing trip, the cabins were tiny, shower and toilet were on top of each other plus there was no air conditioning in the cabins.

Croatia Pirate Ship

Croatia Pirate Ship

Roxy: Did you get up to any site seeing while you were there? If so, what stuck out for you?

Fix: We knew we were headed to the set of Kings Landing (from Game of Thrones) so the architecture and the infrastructure was my number one. The ruined buildings from the war and the history behind it was fascinating.

Game of Thrones Kings Landing

Kings Landing from Game of Thrones

Roxy: Did you visit any fabulous beaches? Please name one or two that stand out?

Fix: There are too many amazing beaches! Croatia has mostly pebble/rock beaches with the clam and clear water of the Mediterranean. Not thinking about sharks was great which allowed us to swim where ever our boat anchored. My favourite beach would have to be Kasuni beach and of course the beach in Hvar (by Hula Hula Bar) where you find the rich and famous.

Kasuni Beach Split Croatia

Kasuni Beach in Split, Croatia

Hula Hula Hvar

Hula Hula Bar in Hvar, Croatia

Roxy: Any specific hot spots we should visit? Restaurants or bars?

Fix: The nightclub in a Cave (in Makarska) called Deep Makarska.

Deep Makarska Cave Club

Deep Makarska, the Cave Club

Deep Makarska Cave Club

Roxy: Did you find it very expensive? How much, on average, did a decent meal cost?

Fix: Croatia was affordable. The exchange rate was not bad at the time. R1 = 50 Croatian Kuna. So a meal for 2 people including drinks cost about 200 Kuna which I thought was pretty awesome.

Roxy: What were the Croatian people like?

Fix: Friendly people once you start a conversation with them. It is rare to find black people in the area so I felt like an alien until I started speaking to everyone. They were just fascinated which I grew to understand after 5 days of being stared at 🙂


Roxy: What kind of person, would you say, would enjoy Croatia?

Fix: A beach bum that loves the sun, the ocean and the outdoors…oh yes and a bit of party!

Fix Moeti

Roxy: Would you go back again?

Fix: Absolutely!! Are you offering a ticket?

Roxy: Any other tips you’d like to share?


– You pay for everything in cash therefore be sure to have Euros or Kunas on you.

– Do a Sail Croatia, Contiki Sailing or Travel Talk Sailing Croatia if you want to 90% party karate and 10% sight-seeing. (Not my vibe personally.)

– There are A LOT of added costs on these planned sailing trips – be sure to check the fine print.

– For European Travel: Check out Use It Travel (Some of the best travelling advice in Europe.)


Fix Moeti is a 5FM DJ and the Queen of rocking colourful hair. She is also the founder of the Fix Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurs who pursue entrepreneurial solutions for urgent social development challenges. Fikile, as her mother named her, has an infectious laugh that you can hear on the Forbes and Fix show every weekday on 5FM from 13:00 to 16:00. You can follow her on Twitter here and find her on Facebook there.

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