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Watch: “Everything Everything” – A Movie All About Firsts

“Everything Everything” is based on the book of the same title by Nicole Yoon. I was lucky enough to once again team up with Times Media and work alongside them in launching this awesome film in South Africa. I previously collabed with them on “Me Before You”. You can check out my interview with Emilia Clarke here.

Last night, I hosted an amazing preview of the film and I all I can say is that I cannot WAIT for you to see it! I would describe this is as a romance with a twist. A serious twist! If you’re a sucker for puppy love, or any kind of love for that matter, you’ll really enjoy this coming-of-age tale.

In the film the lead character, Maddy, is a prisoner in her own home due to her illness and has literally never left the house in 18 years. Imagine! Through a series of meant-to-be’s she begins to experience many “firsts”, one of which is her first love.

This got me thinking about my firsts and I decided to ask some of my friends about their young selves. Take a look!

Everything Everything is out around South Africa from 23 June. If you haven’t seen the full trailer take a look below and make sure you get to a cinema soon! Enjoy!

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