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Video Review: The Opel Adam Jam

I was recently asked to review the cool little Opel Adam Jam by Opel South Africa. Drive around a fun, nippy car for 4 days and share your thoughts? Yeah! Why not?

So here are some facts you need to know before you check out my (quirky) video review which was originally a series of Insta Story videos:

  • The Opel Adam Jam retails for R209 900.
  • It has a 1 Litre Turbo Engine small and fuel efficient yet surprisingly powerful!
  • It can park itself! Yep, watch the YouTube link below for more.
  • It has the coolest Apple interface and intellilink infotainment system called Carplay – which I think is fantastic for a tech-inclined individual.
  • It’s a great looking little car! There are fun colours to choose from and great finishes you can customise.

Regina, my rather nasal mate, came along for the ride and helped me with my review… Watch below!

Altogether this is a really fabulous car for someone who doesn’t need tons of space, is looking for something young, funky and cool and doesn’t want to break the bank. It’s perfect for city driving because of it’s size and great for the open road because of it’s fuel efficiency! This truly is a car someone who wants to stand out and for someone who wants to be a #GameChanger!

For more info on the Opel Adam click here. You can also follow Opel SA on Twitter here, Instagram there and chat to their Facebook community over here.

Happy driving!

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