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The New Doppio Zero Fresh 2017 Menu

Summer is around the corner and so too are fresh starts. The start of a new season, especially the hot ones, always tends to bring about their own resolutions of health in many people. I have to be honest and admit that being healthier in Summer comes far easier to me as the transition from hot and hearty food to cool and fresh meals is a simpler one. This is of course not a crash diet situation for me but rather the eating of fresh, healthy and nutritious food that is really packed with flavour.

I do realise that every person has a different idea of health but mine is pretty simple; eat good ingredients in tasty ways with healthy portions. Having said that, not being the most enthusiastic cook and also being on the road a lot with work I tend to be grabbing food on the go, which can sometimes result in unhealthier choices. So where exactly am I going with this? Welcome the new Doppio Zero Fresh 2017 Menu!

Balanced Breakfast Bowls
Healthy Lunch Bowls

Grabbing a healthy breakfast or lunch has now become so much easier for me thanks to this much anticipated Spring menu, and having sampled half of these options already I can safely say being healthy has been made so much easier. There is just no need for me now to try breakdown ingredients myself as Doppio Zero chef, Cassie Davis, alongside dietician Kelly Ansley have put together bowls full of balanced nutritional delights. I can really rest easy knowing anything I order off this menu is full of goodness.

Of the four new balanced breakfast bowls I have tried the Mexican Breakfast Bowl as well as the Smoked Salmon and Sweet Potato Bowl, both delicious and both packed with nutrition.

Mexican Breakfast Bowl
Mexican Breakfast Bowl
Salmon and Sweet Potato Bowl

Next time I’m in for breakfast I have no doubt Ill be sampling one of the other two delicious options on offer: The Acai Bowl and the Turmeric Scramble.

Acai Bowl
Turmeric Scramble

I do love breakfast but lunch is by far my favourite meal of the two. Having tried the Salmon Poke Bowl and the Soul Bowl I can safely say no matter your health preferences you will be very happy with either of these if ordered.

Salmon Poke Bowl
Salmon Poke Bowl
Soul Bowl
Soul Bowl

Next up for me to try will be the Buddha Bowl (especially as I love chickpeas) and the Lettuce Wrap.

Buddha Bowl
Lettuce Wrap

What I have loved about my visits to Doppio is the free sample shot of the “Juice of the Day” upon my arrival. I’ve never been huge on fresh juices but through the samples given its one of the few times I’ve actually ordered one based on the taste. My favourite is definitely Wednesday’s Ginger Green. If you don’t fancy a large juice I’d give their power shots a try. They are packed with healthy ingredients and are really easy to throw back in one go.

If you’re looking for something a little warmer the new hot drink selection is worth a bash. I’m yet to try the Turmeric or Matcha Latte but I thoroughly enjoyed the Spiced Rooibos Latte.

Turmeric Latte
Matcha Latte
Spiced Rooibos Latte

I don’t blame health enthusiasts or skeptics if they didn’t want to take my little ‘ol word for it but do then go have a look at the full nutritional breakdown here and put your mind at ease.

Thanks Doppio Zero for making the onset of Summer that much more exciting!

Doppio Zero, Greenside
Doppio Zero, Bedfordview

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