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The #JetLoveYourself Valentine’s Campaign

I’m all for real women. Real women with real bodies who love themselves unconditionally. But let’s be honest… We all have our bad days… Our let-me-wear-baggy-clothing-because-I-just-feel-yuck days. Which is why I admire the 8 ladies in the #JetLoveYourself campaign for bearing it all no matter their shape or (cup) size. They are authentic, transparent, honest and bold. And they deserve a Bells!

Jet says of the campaign; “Jet is a fashion brand that knows and understands the pressures women face everyday. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we felt that it was important to remind women that Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself! This Valentine’s day, Jet wants to encourage women to not only love those around them, but to love and celebrate themselves.”

The amazing women who appear in the campaign are Melanie Ramjee (PR specialist and more importantly as she says, Mom), Lebohang “Nova” Masango (Anthropology student and Poet), Meg de Jong (Blogger), Yoliswa Mqoco (Stylisyt), Leanne Dlamini (Singer/Songwriter and Mom), Esther Shaidi (Interior Architect), Sasha Whyte (Art Director) and Sarah Forbes (Copywriter).


The brand speak in the campaign is positive, fun and sassy; when describing bra sizes Jet have opted for “40Foxy”, to “34Bewitching” and “32Amazing”. Thanks guys, I’d be 34Amazing in this instance.


Meg de Jong says, “Body positivity is definitely something I feel incredibly passionate about.” She is an advocate for body confidence and self love.


Singer LeAnne Dlamini, on living in her own skin: “I feel fierce, fabulous and flawless in my size.” Why did she do it? “Doing this campaign for me was a no brainer. I’m raising daughters and for me body confidence is huge. I want every young girl and woman to see that no matter your size, you are beautiful. Your flaws make you perfect!”

Melanie Ramjee, known to us all on Twitter as @Hypress, said about being a part of the campaign: “I have always wanted to represent the bigger women and show we are not all the same. I have never had a flat tummy or a small frame and as a young girl I was always traumatised by it. This campaign made me more comfortable in my own skin.”


Anthropology student and Poet, Lebohang “Nova” Masango, commented that, ”We are perfect as we are and we need to believe it and remind other people if they don’t believe it.”

I spotted Merwelene van der Merwe in the video below who I believe is the campaign photographer. She in herself is an astounding woman who propagates for women simply being women in the truest sense of the word. The black and white visual treatment of the campaign is the perfect compliment to a message of authenticity and raw commentary.

Well done to Joe Public, the creative agency behind the campaign, and Jet for providing this platform to these 8 sensational souls. Here’s to self love this V-Day!

Follow Jet on Twitter here and on Instagram there.

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