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H2-OH YES! Sustainable and Healthy Water Drinking Solutions

Water is life giving. This, we know. And of late, mindfulness when it comes to consumption (be it food, water, cosmetics, plastic use) is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. As it should be!

It’s important to care. Because if we don’t, who will?

I am training to do my first half marathon next year (oi vey!) and since getting back into a fitness routine since having Adrienne I quickly realised that I was NOT very mindful of where my water comes from and how I am consuming it. Bottles and bottles of plastic littered our bin. And it’s simply not on. This BRITA video sums things up perfectly:

Upon some research, and with the help of BRITA, I’ve got some fantastic ideas for both you and I on how we can a) drink cleaner, healthier water and b) do it in a cost effective and eco-friendly way! Plus, all these items make fantastic gifts

BRITA’s Fill & Go Active Bottle

So for my fitness needs I’ve been using BRITA’s Fill & Go Active Bottle which comes in blue and pink. It ticks all the boxes. Sustainable? Yes. Convenient? Of course. Economic? Absolutely! Using this sort of bottle when working out immediately reduces plastic waste generated by single use plastic bottled water. It conveniently has a built in filter disc that can easily be replaced when needed and provides great tasting drinking water straight out of the tap and into your bottle.


A side note: I GENUINELY began to taste the difference as time went on. The more you drink filtered tap water the more you can taste when it isn’t filtered. Why? Because it reduces chlorine and other taste-impairing substances in your water through the MicroDisc disc which filters up to 150 litres or lasts for up to 4 weeks.

By the way, these bottles are BPA-free and made from high-quality, durable materials of German quality and design. Winning! You can purchase one from Takealot.com here.

Entertaining? No worries! Don’t spend unnecessary hard earned money on bottled water – filter your tap water and serve it straight on the table in BRITA’s Fill & Serve Mind! It’s beautifully designed as an elegant carafe and can be placed right in the middle of your pretty Christmas table! The innovation lies in the MicroDisc with ActivSelect Technology and the electronic BRITA memo cartridge exchange indicator helps remind you when your filter needs replacing.

Image Source: The Life List
Image Source: Brita.co.uk

Plus, it fits snuggly into all fridge doors! So yourself and your guests can enjoy cool, filtered, pure water.

If you’re needing something with a little more size the 2,4 litre BRITA Style+ is the perfect jug (and Christmas gift!) This jug is also great for filtering water for cooking – ensuring that your meals are as healthy as can be. And it’s style not just by name but by nature too: this new generation of stylish design water filters features German design excellence. Functional AND pretty!

The BRITA Style+ Water Jug is also really useful if you have a baby at home. We use it to fill up Ady’s bottles – ensuring that the water she drinks with her formula is safe and healthy.

Another awesome design feature on the Style+ Water Jug is the innovative BRITA Smart Light that uses a traffic light system to signal when it’s time to replace the cartridge. Smart, easy and convenient!

If you’re wondering how BRITA filters work and how they manage to filter our tap water just watch this:

BRITA is a brand that I really do believe in – not only are they providing amazing quality products but they are committed to making the world a better place by reducing plastic consumption and educating consumers. Well done BRITA! You can follow them on Instagram here and Facebook there. You can also shop all their products here.

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