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Full Disclosure – I’m a cat lady!

I love my cats! But in true cat form, they only love me when it suits them and I’m actually just fine with that.

I’ve had cats all my life but our current fur family has a special story behind them. When Dolly pretty much arrived on my doorstep with her three kittens, my inner cat lady made herself known. She decided to adopt US! We then found two of the kittens great homes, kept one of them and called him Tiger and so we had two new fur babies we never expected or planned for.

The kittens at about 8 weeks old!

I won’t lie, having a cat as a pet is perfectly suited to our busy lifestyles. My husband and I work all day and so make ourselves readily available in the evenings for on-the-bed-snuggles and the constant head rub. As much as they both love their evening entertainment with us, and their extended cat naps during the day I still wanted to make sure I was being the best cat mom I could be.

Just like us humans, cats love food and entertainment and so comes about the reason for my cat waffle… Hello Hill’s Pet Nutrition!

Three reasons why every cat owner should consider this brand:

  • Its the #1 veterinarian recommended brand! And there’s no one better suited to know what’s best for your pets health.
  • Nutritious as well as tasty! All Hills food is made with high quality ingredients including lamb, chicken and salmon. Yum!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not happy with your purchase Hills is happy to refund you completely!

And now three reasons why I love Hill’s for Tiger and Dolly:

Dolly LOVES her scratch pad!

As much as I like to buy toys for Tiger and Dolly to make sure they get exercise and stimulation, I’ll be honest it’s really only Dolly who uses them. Tiger gets all the exercise he needs being an excellent stalker outside whereas Dolly is just fine keeping herself beautifully groomed with pedicures on her scratchpad and rolling around with her little toy mice filled with catnip.

Both my cats honestly love Hills food, so much so they have turned their nose up at previous alternative food options. So be good cat parents and give them a try!

Not that you’ll need any more information to make your decision to use Hill’s but just in case you do you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online!

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