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Travel Tips with Dazza J

Darrin Thomas puts the frequent in “frequent flyer”! Being the Marketing Manager at Virgin Atlantic South Africa means he is often boarding a plane and listening to the safety demo for the thousandth time. In the prolific words of Suzelle DIY… “Shame.” Touch job hey? Since he is the expert in this department I decided to ask him for his Top 5 travel tips to get out on the other end looking kinda decent. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Black is the new black! Try wear all black when traveling, black jeans, blazer and t-shirt, always looks smart and its fine if you mess your plane food, a few wipes and you wouldn’t see it. (Always carry wet wipes!) Comfy can also be smart!

2) As soon as you arrive hang your clothes up in the bathroom and put a hot shower on. An easy, and often cost effective way, to get rid of the creases. No hotel laundry bills!

3) Always take a blue or black blazer and dark smart jeans. Such versatile items! Those key pieces can smarten up most outfits.

4) Plan properly! Write down the days and the outfits you need. Take pieces you can mix and get more than one wear out of. If you write down your outfits and stick to that you will never over pack!

5) Champagne on a plane, or any alcohol for that matter, may be glamorous but drink lots of water! Stay hydrated, it helps with jet lag. Most airlines don’t give you bottles of water in economy (we do) but buy a bottle of water after passport control and take it with! You can always fill it up at the fountains onboard!

And just an extra one…

Don’t pack like a tourist! You never know who you going to meet or where you going to “Land Up”! I once had coffee with Bastille and met Mel C and am glad I wasn’t sporting a track top. You never know what could be around the next corner.

You can follow Darrin on Twitter here and Instagram there. Happy travels!

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