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The Wanderlust Wanderlist with Zuraida Jardine: The Maldives

My experience of the Maldives was slightly different to that of TV and Media Personality, Zuraida Jardine. I left for a month to live in this majestic island nation and to play the game of Survivor. Needless to say, I unfortunately didn’t experience the 7 star luxuries that Zee did! Even though I wasn’t sipping on champers each day, sleeping under the stars on a Maldivian island opened my eyes to how spectacularly beautiful this place is. Like Zuraida will tell you below, flying into the Maldives is an event in and of itself and this country will always hold a special place in my heart. Experience the Maldives through Zuraida’s eyes in her choice on our Wanderlust Wanderlist! Enjoy!

Love Roxy

Travel Snapshot:

  1. Country: Maldives
  2. Cities/Islands/Atolls Visited: North Mali Atoll
  3. Month of Travel/Season: June (Only ever Summer in the Maldives)
  4. Duration of Stay: 1 week
  5. Resort/Hotel: Club Med Finolhu Villas
  6. Airline and Route: Emirates via Dubai
  7. Hours in Transit: 16 in total with a 2 hour layover

Roxy: What were your first impressions upon arrival in the Maldives?

Zuraida: I kept wiping my eyes to make sure that my vision and view was indeed real. There are no words to truly describe the beauty of the Maldives. It looks like a fake postcard. Like it has been photo shopped. There are no mountains or hills, so there is this extreme beauty to the monotony of transparent, blue ocean that meets blue sky.

Roxy: Tell me about your resort…

Zuraida: Club Med Finolhu Villas takes up an entire island and is made up of 7 star villas. The one we stayed in was literally in the ocean. The island is intimate; couples only resort consisting of a restaurant, bar, sporting facilities and the most incredible Spa.

Roxy: We know that the Maldives is made of 1000s of Atolls, which means it is a very unique looking place. How would you describe what you saw? Did you see the Atolls from the air?

Zuraida: Once again, your eyes truly can’t believe the magnificence of the Maldives and these Atolls. The view from the plan when flying in is surreal. Rather magical.

Roxy: What activities did you get up to while you were there? Or was it a lazy, beach bum kinda holiday?

Zuraida: A lot of time was spent in the warm bath-like ocean. Snorkeling daily, as well as the most incredible scuba diving session. The Maldives has the most unbelievable coral life.

Roxy: The Maldives is the lowest country in the world, were you made aware of their plight?

Zuraida: Yes I am aware and initially I was afraid when I was on the island and thought that if any natural disaster were to take place right now, we would evaporate in a second with no trace. But I quickly realized that if I’d spent anymore time pondering that though I’d be taking away valuable moments of being present and simply enjoying this unique slice of paradise.

(To read about how global warming is affecting the Maldives click here. And to watch the trailer for the documentary called “The Island President”, highlighting the challenges faced by the people of the Maldives, click here.)

Roxy: What kind of person would enjoy the Maldives?

Zuraida: Anyone that is connected to natural beauty.

Roxy: How does the Maldives compare to other island holidays you’ve been on?

Zuraida: It’s not comparable to any other island holiday I have experienced. The Maldives is in its own league and I’ve been to Thailand, Mauritius, and Zanzibar for Island holidays.

Roxy: How did you experience the people of the Maldives?

Zuraida: Similar to the Mauritians. Kind, helpful, caring, present, nothing is ever a problem for them, only solutions to make you happy.

If you would like more information on the beautiful nation of the Maldives, click here and if you would like visit Club Med Finolhu Villas, click here.

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