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The Spice Girls | Live at Wembley in London

When I say that my sister was obsessed with The Spice Girls growing up you can take that statement, exaggerate it, and it still wouldn’t really give you an accurate picture. She had it all: the bedspread, the clothes, ALL the albums, the memorabilia, the merch, the posters, the sweets (remember those suckers?), the EVERYTHING. So when we heard the announcement on social media that our beloved 90s girl group was doing a reunion tour I decided we had to go!

The Birthday Girl
Viva Forever

Booking online on spicegirls.com was a nightmare (none of the 15 of us trying to get tickets managed there) and we eventually ended up buying tickets on Viagogo. I’ve used the site a couple of times (mainly for Rugby World Cup tickets in 2015 when we went to the UK) and I’ve always had great service and the tickets have been fine. But be warned, my friend Sade wasn’t as lucky – her tickets, also off Viagogo, must have been fake because when she got to the stadium with us they didn’t work. So it’s not always a guarantee. My advice for this is save enough money that if worst comes to worst you can buy tickets outside the stadium – not ideal but when you’ve traveled across the world for a show you don’t want to be stuck outside.

Before the concert, we headed to the most incredible pre-concert party vibe at BoxPark Wembley. What. A. Jol. The food stands were delicious (ala food truck vibes) and the drinks were quick and easy to get and equally yummy. If ever you attend a concert at Wembley I would highly recommend heading here a couple of hours early (we didn’t have to queue to get in) and making merry while you wait for your show.

The South African Spice Gang

Now for the downside of it all… leaving Wembley AFTER the show. You would think, “it’s London, this will be easy”. Nah brah – leaving Wembley was a mare. The queue to get onto the tube was about a km long. So that was a no go. You couldn’t get an Uber or a taxi because of the congestion. At first, we weren’t too bothered by this and figured we would find a pub and carry on partying. Also a no go – NOTHING in the area is open. Even Box Park was closed. I thought this bizarre but someone pointed out that it has to do with soccer hooligans and in general the restaurants and pubs don’t open up after concerts or football games because of vandalism and abuse of alcohol. So my advice would be to pre-book a taxi, set a meeting point and you’ll make it home in the less than 2 hours it took us. #Fail!

That aside, we had the most incredible time. And if you don’t believe me… WATCH! 👇

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