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Boutique Hotels And Why They Are Great

I’ve always loved staying in boutique hotels but there are some travellers who are averse to them either for being loyal to big brand hotel chains or just being nervous of the unknown. Neither of which is a problem – to the latter point, there IS nothing worse than arriving in a destination, tired and forlorn after hours of travelling, to find that your hotel room is not quite the same as what the website had promised.

But when you are well researched and well prepared the advantages of trying something new, or some place new, can really far outweigh the risks.

Sugar Hotel, Sea Point, Cape Town

Here are a few reasons why I love staying at Boutique Hotels.

A more personalised service

Because Boutique hotels are generally smaller, with fewer rooms, the chances of the doorman knowing you by name are slightly higher. If you’re a repeat visitor the staff get to know your preferences, your routine and what makes your stay more pleasant. Services like help with a courier, dry-cleaning and personalising a breakfast order to suit your gluten-free-banting-vegetarian diet are easier to come by.

A personalised welcome upon arrival at the Sugar Hotel

It’s not just “a place to sleep”

The focus for many Boutique hotels is experience. It’s not just a place to crash after a long day at work – there might be a fantastic bar attached to it, they may be known for their incredible wine collection (like the Sugar Hotel!) or even the particular decor and design.

The entrance hall, with a welcoming leather couch, at the Sugar Hotel
Spice on Main, the attached restaurant at the Sugar Hotel, has the most incredible wine collection
The Sugar Hotel Spa is a dream! I love a hotel that can help with a mani or pedi on demand

Bright & Shiny

Many larger hotel chains have been around for years and can sometimes seem a little dated. Boutique hotels, being a newer “trend”, are often refurbishes or brand spanking new.

The beautiful rooms of the Sugar Hotel
Double bathroom at the Sugar Hotel

Get sociable

You will find at more intimate spots, especially over breakfast for example, that conversations across pastries will occur and you may even make a new friend (or two). It’s great to connect with people from around the globe. And this often happens at Boutique hotels!

Drinks on the deck at Spice on Main

Luxe is a must!

Somehow, a Boutique hotel feels more luxurious. It’s the cosy and snug feel you get when you walk through the doors that makes it’s intimacy that much more appealing. Less sometimes really is more.

The bay window at the Sugar Hotel is a beautiful addition to an already luxe look and feel

So if you haven’t tried out a Boutique Hotel, take it from me – you should!

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