Pigmentation Problems: My Skin Regime Adventure

thalgo mceutic

For the past 18 months or so I have really struggled with my skin. Thanks to contraceptives (insert eye roll here) I had developed pigmentation around my mouth on the sides of my nose and also enjoyed the wonder of spots that felt as if they were Mount Vesuvius. I needed a change and wasn’t sure what it should be.

I’d been to my homeopath for natural remedies that hopefully worked from the inside out. And that they did. But the problem was that the damage had been done. The pigmentation was there to stay and my skin was scarred from picking these eruptions that were spots. I’m sure you’re like me… as much as you know you shouldn’t pick, you do!

My family at Sherbet Angel in Parkhurst noticed these changes in my skin and owner Lisa Rautenbach suggested I try a 6 week course of Thalgo’s MCeutic Skin Peels as well as their supporting after-treatment products. I do believe I needed a change as I’d been using the same skincare range for nearly 5 years. So the timing was perfect!

I chatted to Sarah Vance from Thalgo to find out more about the brand before embarking on this review.

Roxy: So who are Thalgo? 

Sarah: Founded over 50 years ago, Thalgo is an innovative  French brand which invents the beauty of tomorrow. Investing in fundamental marine research, Thalgo challenges the frontiers of aesthetics and Marine Intelligence. Thalgo was created in 1964 by French pharmacist, André Bouclet, from his passion for the marine world and its invaluable riches. He was convinced that the marine world would be the source of great therapeutic and cosmetic discoveries in the decades to come.

Roxy: Where was the Thalgo brand started?

Sarah: Working closely with renowned phycologists, the Thalgo Research Centre is the undisputed expert in Marine Intelligence, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties. Thalgo is a world leader in Spa, renowned for treatments and products that deliver excellent results. Today, the Thalgo ranges can be found in over 90 countries throughout the world. The wide selection of products include those for Face, Anti-Ageing, Body, Nutrition and Slimming needs.

thalgo mceutic

Roxy: What are the products made from?

Sarah: The seas and oceans cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface and represent an inexhaustible reservoir of marine active ingredients and molecules. This forms an invaluable source of inspiration and exploration for the Thalgo Research Centre. Thalgo draws on the formidable potential of algae, each product a genuine concentrate of marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience.

Roxy: Are they cruelty free?

Sarah: Thalgo has a strict anti-cruelty policy and does not test on animals. One of Thalgo’s core values is a commitment to the ocean for a safe and protected environment. Thalgo only harvests algae twice a year, in an effort to preserve eco-systems and manage our waste. Each product is of raw material and plant origin, with packaging that is biodegradable.

Roxy: Why should someone consider Thalgo?

Sarah: Thalgo is a world-leader in marine cosmetics. With over 50 years’ experience in Marine-Intelligent research, Thalgo’s credibility lies in its ever-improving formulas with an ever-increasing number of vital nutrients. The award-winning products are dramatically effective, have perfect bio-affinity with the skin and are exceptionally gentle. 

sherbet angel

I then chatted to Lisa from Sherbet Angel about MCeutic specifically as she herself has used the products and is an advocate for their effectiveness.

Roxy: MCeutic - What is it exactly?

Lisa: MCeutic is the first professional cosmeceutical skin care range, created by the Thalgo Laboratories. A first Professional Cosmeceutical Product range directly inspired by medical mesotherapy. The radical renovation treatment targets the causes of blemishes and irregularities that are resistant to conventional cosmetics, to restore the skin’s health and smoothness.

MCeutic is infused with 2 patented innovations, Marine Mesolift and Neo Skin. These ingredients, along with malic, ascorbic and salicylic acid, provide the solution to perfect overall skin quality. The combination of the three acids work synergistically to enhance the results of Marine Mesolift and Neo Skin. The range, Renovation Radical, uniquely targets skin with blemishes and irregularities.

thalgo mceutic

This is at the beginning of my first peel. I did have some makeup on here 😉

Roxy: What does it treat?

Lisa: MCeutic offers radical renovation of skin quality. It can treat deep blemishes and skin irregularities, restore balance and quality of the skin. Declog and refine pores. Smooth texture, mattify, treat marks and scarring. Creates a clear, radiant complexion and promotes healthy skin quality.

MCeutic offers fantastic anti-ageing results. With In vitro studies, results show increased cell vitality + 12% and cell metabolism, compared to the negative control. 48 hours after application of marine mesolift there is an increase of 373% collagen synthesised by fibroblasts. 72 hours after marine mesolift there is a 121% increase in Elastin synthesised by fibroblasts.

thalgo mceutic

The actual peel itself is not what you expect! Don’t be afraid of it being sore or painful. It tingles slightly but isn’t unbearable at all! You can feel it working.

thalgo mceutic

Roxy: Who is a good candidate for this type of treatment?

Lisa: Anyone who would like to experience a unique treatment that offers amazing results. In particular, I would advise this to someone who has concerns that they have been battling with, who would like to see results, but does not want to go for invasive treatments, where you have a lot of down time. If the correct prescribes treatment program and home care prescription is used. MCeutic can offer anyone fast, professional results with no down time. Anyone who suffers from a problematic skin, acne scarring, rough textured, dull, tired, and ageing skin, will love MCeutic.

Roxy: What kind of results can I expect based on your previous experience with the treatments?

Lisa: A clearer, smoother, healthier, more radiant skin. Better overall skin quality. Plumper, more youthful looking skin.

So follow my journey over the next 6 weeks as I take on a new skincare adventure. Here is my before pic taken a week before my first peel – no makeup, no filter, no editing. In my final post I will show the before and after!

thalgo mceutic

thalgo mceutic

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