Playing With Lines: Style Story

Stripes and lines, vertical or horizontal, can make or break an outfit. We all know that horizontal stripes can make you look wider but the vertical kind can be our best friends! For someone like me who is only 5’2″ I am very aware of how an outfit fits me, where the lines cut me and whether it elongates or shortens me.

It’s not only patterns that we should think of when we consider lines but also the cut and fit of the clothes we try on. I often avoid a shoe with a horizontal strap when wearing shorts or a skirt as it tends to make my legs look shorter, even with a heel. I’m also weary of capri or 3/4 length pants and where they cut me for the same reason.

However, this look, styled by glamazon Bianca Koyabe balances all these elements and tricks the eye into believing that I’m taller than I actually am 😉

Bianca has balanced a culotte pant, with vertical stripes, and a heel that has no strap. She also balanced the choker scarf with a v-neck top to ensure that I don’t look “boxy”. Altogether a sleek look that plays with lines in a striking manner!

Heels: Steve Madden

Culottes: Forever New

Top: Topshop

Scarf: La Senza (belt turned into scarf)

Bag: Aldo

roxy burger

roxy burger

roxy burger

roxy burger

roxy burger

Makeup: Morag Steyn

Stylist: Bianca Koyabe of Threads And Glam Styling

Photographer: Georgia Groenewold of Reflection 9

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