Party Decor: The Perfect DIY Gin Bar

gin bar

When planning my 30th birthday party celebrations the one element I was sure about was having my own DIY Gin Bar. I had been to one or two events where the same idea was used with bubbles but with my summer theme of flamingos and pineapples, Gin seemed the perfect fit.

The base to a good Gin Bar is of course quality gin and so when narrowing my selection only one of the best would do… It of course had to be Bombay Sapphire! Traditionally, the perfect mixer to a good Gin is tonic water but with taste palettes being so different I decided on also providing soda water and dry lemon alongside the tonic.


Each guest then had the option of adding different accompaniments to their drink. We chopped strawberries and cucumber the night before and also added blueberries and mint to the selection. My favourite choice was Gin with half tonic water and half dry lemon and I added cucumber and mint… Delicious!



To decorate the table I bought a light box from Typo (which I’d been eyeing for a while so here was a great excuse!) I also bought really cool straws and serviettes on Ebay that resonated with my tropical theme. To top it off I found stirrers with flamingos and pineapples at China Mall.


gin bar

The venue I chose lended itself so perfectly to my theme that I felt like I really didn’t need to add much decor. The Living Room in Maboneng has incredible views of JHB and is surrounded by greenery. I bought bunting, balloons and decor to match the theme and enlisted the help of Claire Woods from Fields of Colour to put it all together with extra greenery and a refined touch.




A little Gin Bar-unrelated DIY tip: you can create the coolest pineapple doughnuts with very little effort! For dessert I enlisted the help of Krispy Kreme who provided us with delicious yellow glazed doughnuts and all we did was cut out the little toppers out of cardboard. Simple!


All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate such an important milestone!


Photography: Reflection 9

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