Water Drinking Challenge: Are You Drinking Enough?

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For the past 3 days I’ve been taking part in BRITA’s water challenge. It’s simple. All you do is record your water intake and monitor how much water you are (or aren’t) drinking.

I found the latter was the case.

I always thought I drank enough water but writing it down and visually seeing how much you’ve consumed makes you acutely aware of what you’re putting into your body. And what you’re lacking. So before I even received my results from Lisa I suspected that I wasn’t drinking enough water. However, I was actually surprised to find I didn’t do too badly!

So this is what my 3 days looked like and what wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh had to say:

Day 1

8am – 1 cup rooibos tea, no milk

8.30am – 1

12pm – 2

1pm – 2

3pm – 1 cup lemon tea, no milk

5pm – 2

7.30pm – 2

9.30pm – 1 cup rooibos tea, no milk

Activities: Filming and workout

Lisa’s comments on day 1:

“Roxy is off to a great start, taking in a whopping 12 glasses of water! Caffeine-free herbal teas are a great way to reach your water quota, and warm water aids digestion. The surplus of water is needed for a busy day of filming and a workout – good job.”

Day 2

8am – 2

9am – 2 cups rooibos tea, no milk

10.am – 2

2pm – 1

6pm – 2

7pm – 2

Activities: Workout, some wine consumed

Lisa’s comments on day 2:

“This is another great intake of water, taking a workout into consideration. Since the amount of wine drunk has not been specified, I cannot comment on whether or not enough of a water surplus was taken in to balance the effects of alcohol, although we can now consider the water intake to be less than ten. Shortening the length of time between water intakes in the afternoon, as well as between the evening and the following morning would be a suggestion moving forward.”

Day 3

10am – 2

12pm – 1

2pm – 1 cup rooibos tea with honey, no milk

3pm – 1 cup rooibos tea with honey, no milk

4.30pm – 1

6pm –  2

7pm – 1 cup lemon tea, no milk

9pm – 1 cup lemon tea, no milk

Activities: Round of golf

Lisa’s comments on day 3:

“Roxy has reached my suggested intake, sneaking in some great antioxidants along the way. She still managed to take in water at regular intervals during her golf game.”

roxy burger brita

Overall verdict from Lisa: GREAT JOB

“Roxy managed a total of 33 glasses of water over three days, therefore averaging 11 glasses a day. The surplus accommodates daily workouts, although the unknown measures of wine consumption do mean we need to consider a slightly lower average overall, albeit to an unknown degree.”

Extra thoughts from Lisa:

“Whilst some wine has been accounted for, other unmentioned influencers could include caffeine intake and eating very salty or sugary foods. This report is based on the assumption that high volumes of these were not ingested.”

So basically should you be drinking any alcohol, caffeine or eating very salty or sugary foods (as we all tend to do on weekends!) Lisa recommends that you up your water intake.

roxy burger brita

I had this weird idea in my head that if I was drinking lemon or Rooibos tea that it contributed to my daily water intake but when posed with this notion Lisa said herbal teas offer a healthy alternative to regular water drinking, although preferably without sweetener.

I’ve learnt so much during this short journey of recording my water drinking habits. The one thing that surprised me was that one size does not fit all: Lisa explained that we should be drinking at least 250 ml of water for every 10kgs that we weigh. So guys should actually be drinking more than us ladies.

I found having the BRITA jug right in front of me at my desk helped remind me to drink the water I needed. I was constantly refilling my glass. Using a jug like this and filtering your own water is also a lot more environmentally friendly than constantly buying bottled water and throwing the plastic away. So in this instance, everyone wins!

roxy burger brita

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Which is why I really would encourage you to take part in a 21-day water drinking challenge to discover your own water personality. You will very soon discover whether or not you’re drinking enough water and believe me when I say you will change your ways!

Follow my journey on social media via Twitter here and Instagram there. You can also follow the hashtag #BRITAHydration for more info! Keep your eyes open for an awesome competition coming your way soon.

Cup of tea with lemon and mint

PS The herbal tea that I LOVE drinking is from Woolworths. It’s the “Soothe Me” Lemon and Ginger tea which is great for weight loss and boosting your immune system to help fight colds and flu.

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