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Adrienne’s Coachella Themed 1st Birthday Party

When deciding on Adrienne’s 1st birthday party theme we searched Pinterest with vigour. I toyed with “One in a Melon” (with it being summer and all) as well as “Unicorns” and “Under the Sea” themes but in the end I totally just copied one of my E! family members and stole “Kidchella” – a Coachella themed festival party. So thank you Kim Kardashian for allowing me to be lazy!

Unlike Kim however, I did not have a bottomless money pit of a budget, so my friend and stylist Sarah Mitchell helped me plan! DIY is her THANG! She’s proven to me time and time again that you don’t need to break the bank you just need a little creativity and a lot of time.

Tip number 1 for any kids birthday party? Buy an editable print pack off of Etsy! Or any other online creative marketplace. This one element brought it all together and was so incredibly easy to do. I bought my Kidchella themed stationary here. You can also visit websites like Not On The High Street.

It allowed us to edit and print out VIP tickets and passes, create her invite and even a line up. It’s a fantastic and affordable way to personalise a party.

I bought colourful shoe lace for R2 a meter instead of R15 per lanyard string. Haberdasheries are your friend when you need to save money and be thrifty!

We also made all the table decor by using foam stickers from West Pack and sosastie sticks! Plus pom poms, feathers and a glue gun did the trick!

Out of necessity we hired a stretch tent (consider that a January birthday party is quite literally going to be “lit” since it’s well above 30 degrees most days) and used it as the central decor spot and consolidated all our ideas around that. I can highly recommend Tent Kings – they are so professional and were incredibly affordable. Plus they offer these awesome colourful stretch tent inners to create a festival space inspired by the real thing! You can check them out here.


Pallets were a must! Luckily friends came to our rescue and we didn’t have to hire them. We used them to create mini picnic spaces under the tent as well as an awesome photo backdrop for pictures.

We also used inexpensive material to cover the hay bails and sewed our own bunting. It took time but it saved us a LOT of money!

The focal point of the pallet wall is this gorgeous laser cut sign from our faves at Kikki & Franki. Visit their amazing website here. We then used strips of leftover material from the bunting and some tulle and ripped it all up and knotted it on string. Add some paper fans and voila!


Ady’s GORGEOUS Adychella outfit was custom made by Urban Grace. Check them out on Instagram here. Urban Grace also created the amazing blinds in Ady’s nursery (and her ball pit) which you can read up on here. Her shoes are from our faves at ForevaV. Not only are they flipping cute but they don’t come off! Moms, you know the struggle…

My flower crown was hand made by Sarah Mitchell.
Ady’s outfit by Urban Grace.

Upon arrival all our VIP guests (the kids) were invited to choose their festival gear! Unicorn horns and feather headbands! The Unicorn alice bands were bought at China Mall and the feather headbands were handmade by Sarah.


I found a letter cake as inspiration on Pinterest and my colleague and friend Nadia Romanos brought this to life! All I can say is WOW! It was beautiful.


Plus Ady’s Ouma baked her a special vegan smash cake (Ady is allergic to eggs) so she could also enjoy!

These party packs were so easy peasy (and inexpensive) to put together. A variety of key rings, snap bangles and yo-yo’s were gifted to the kids to say “thanks for jolling with us!” Plus some sweet treats were added for filling.

Adychella was a vibe! But don’t be fooled – this took more time than I expected. We managed it on a budget but MAN did we work! We did 90% of it ourselves and recycled, reused and handmade a lot of decor elements. All worth it for our Ady Babes though. I have been saying though… for the next 20 years on Adrienne’s birthday you’ll find us at a restaurant with a kid’s play area. LOL! Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you to Reflection 9 for the awesome photos! You can follow them on Instagram here.

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