Say ‘I DO’ To The Modern Engagement Ring

Love them or hate them, the modern engagement ring is taking the world by storm and so with it the question of classic or unconventional is becoming far more prevalent. Traditionally-cut diamonds still have that timeless appeal, however the new wave of modern engagement rings screams to all my jewellery desires. I have put together a few below that I think are distinctively special. If I wasn’t already married (and super happy with my own engagement ring), I would definitely consider hinting to that someone special about a very different something special.


KAT KIM Highland Ring

KAT KIM Palisade Ring and Marquise Diamond Farris Ring

KAT KIM Floating Diamond Pave Ring

KAT KIM Marquise Crescendo Pave Ring and Marquise Crescendo Ring

KAT KIM Emerald Sunset Ring and Marquise Sunset Ring

DIOR ‘Oui’ Ring, Repossi Diamond Ring and Taffin Diamond and Ceramic Ring


BLACK BETTY Trio Of Emeralds Engagement Ring and The Tri Diamond Ring and The Half Moon Ring

DEAR RAE White Trillion Diamond Ring and Baguette Cut Emerald Ring

SHIMANSKY Two Hearts Rose Gold Engagement Ring

UWE KOETTER Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

UWE KOETTER Yellow Gold, Diamond and Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Heres to a few more fresh and unique designs on the hands of woman demonstrating their own rarity and individualism.

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