The Last Day Of My Twenties


Iím typing this from a cramped seat on an airplane 37 000 ft. in the air. The reason I highlight this fact is the irony of how I would describe my 20s: turbulent. And I do believe that would be the case for most of us if asked to assign one word to this period in our lives.

Donít get me wrong; I donít consider the decade that has passed as negative. But a whirlwind of a cluster fuck would be a mild description of 10 years filled with so many incredible, heartbreaking, traumatic and remarkable experiences.

Who were you at 21? As opposed to 25? And then look at your 29-year-old self? In my case, I feel as if the person I am now is light-years away from who I was back then. And so it should be.

The student vs. the wife. The Production Runner vs. the Producer. The kids presenter vs. the adult who delivers links on Top Billing in an evening gown. (Which was always a dream by the way).

This phase of life is tough. It evolves so quickly and very often I felt as if I wasnít able to catch up or slow down Ė it was just go, go, go.

But hell, it was exhilarating.

Your 20s are the time to make mistakes. Big ones, small ones, gigantic ones, insignificant ones. If I had one piece of advice for myself looking back it would be to not be so hard on yourself. I fucked up. On more than one occasion. And had to learn hard lessons. Especially the one about forgiving yourself.

I sat back and thought about turning 30. I always joke that now I have to pretend to have my shit together. Iíve found of late, through conversations and observations, that much judgment comes with not being either a) engaged, b) married or c) with child by the time you turn 30. This is great faux par around a dinner table. And when you think aboutÖ What in the actual fuck?

Do you. Be you. Love you. It really makes no difference if you donít know what you want to do with your life, if you arenít planning a wedding or if you ever want to get married in the first place. All by the time you hit the big 3-oh. Yes, I used OH on purpose.

30 is an amazing milestone and Iím so grateful I got here and for the life that Iíve lived. Iím incredibly (hashtag) blessed that I live a fulfilled life, on the daily, where I do what I love with people I love. But Iím not going to start putting pressure on myself to live up to the expectations of what ďbeing 30Ē supposedly means.

Having said all that I look forward to the next phase of my life. And although this is a milestone in my journey if you think about itÖ youíre just another day older.

So actively partake in the manifestation of your blessings. Go get that life you want and donít let others dictate how you should live. Turn 20, turn 30, turn 40 but donít lose YOU.

So hereís to being 29 today. And 30 tomorrow.

PS A friend of mine, Dean Cothill, is an incredibly talented photographer and drone operator who recently visited Iceland to create some kickass cinematography. The words in this film, Earth Diaries, really resonated with me this morning when it popped up on my timeline. Take a look and please share if you love it just as much as I do.


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