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White Heels: from the 80’s to the modern women’s wardrobe

White high heels and the 80s go hand in hand and so with it comes the unwarranted disrespect thrown the way of an innocent shoe. As dramatic, and of course comedic as this sounds, the truth behind it runs true. The white stiletto stereotyped a whole generation of puffy jacket, lycra-clad, big-haired women and eventually became the ultimate disastrous footwear.

Case in point: Exhibit A.

Source: Stockvn

Luckily, fashion is fluid and a trend that once was can quickly become a trend that just is! And I feel as a child of the 80s I get to have the last laugh *inserts evil mwaahahahaha laugh*as something that was so frowned upon now comes in every shape, is on all shelves and is a go-to in so many modern women’s wardrobes today.

During the second season of How Do I Look South Africa you will be privy to me wearing, hold your breath, WHITE STILETTOS! They made such an impressionable fashion impact on me after the show was finished filming I decided to keep them! I have since found that these Aldo’s work with everything in my wardrobe; from black, navy and neutrals to colour and print!


Have I convinced you yet? As much as I’d like to think of myself as having some sort of handle on fashion and trends, celebs and stylists around the world have clocked on to this trend long before me. Some further proof below…

Bonang Matheba
Victoria Beckham
Kate Hudson
Kim Kardashian

If I have convinced you, here is some seriously exciting information about to come your way. The white stilettos in my shots are still available from Aldo on Superbalist …. GET THEM HERE!

So go forth and conquer… in white!


Styling: Tracy-Lee Rosslind
Makeup: Stacy Robin
Hair: Seana Leigh Scheepers
Photographer: Courteney’s Visual Diary
Clothing: Sissy Boy and Kirsten Goss Jewellery
Shoes: Aldo

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