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Underwear Is Reaching New Heights This Winter

Cotton On has saved my life this Wintery July and I’m here to tell you how! My body shape is my own, I’m grateful for it and I embrace it and I think in today’s pressured society that’s hard to come by. The reason I’m making reference to body shape is that one of my favourite items to wear is high waist trousers, whether they be cigarette trousers or my fave mom jeans I love them. Because I’m not the tallest girl and after giving birth to my daughter I find this shape helps in both adding height and hiding my little tummy. And so where does Cotton On fit in?

Finding the right underwear for high rise anything isn’t always the easiest and so Cotton On has created a range of new fit high waist undies specifically targeted to compliment the high waist trend.

Cotton On have also taken it one step further by considering body shape and so this range comes in three different shapes. So whether you like a cheeky bikini or a lacy brasilaino these classic styles are all being raised the new heights.

Model is Fine Arts student Alexandra Sinclair who is passionate about ceramics. When she’s not creating masterpieces, you’ll find her playing AFL and netball.

I’ll be honest, and no shade is allowed to be thrown here but I don’t wear matching underwear *gasps and whispers in the crowd.* But Cotton On have made me think twice about maybe putting a little bit of extra effort in, and mainly because they’ve made it so easy.

Model is Amsterdam raised Arnelle, who speaks three languages, has a Bachelor Degree in Dance and is passionate about self-love and equality.

And to finish off I feel as though Cotton On have made this specifically for me with the colour palette they’ve chosen for this new range. The hues of neutrals, lilacs and a hint of a print whether floral or stripe are pushing me to buy the entire range (which isn’t far off as I’ve already bought two sets!)

I hope you find as much pleasure in this new undies range as I have. Why not go check it out online here!

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