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Style Story: Air Max Day

The 26th of March. The day that, in 1973, women were allowed on to the floor of the London Stock Exchange for the very first time. The first free elections took place in the Soviet Union on this day in 1989. Boris Yeltsin was elected. And on the 26th day of the 3rd month of 1972 the Los Angeles Lakers broke a NBA record by winning 69 of their 82 games. Which is probably the most relevant fact to what we’re celebrating today: Nike Air Max Day.

Either you’re a sneaker-head or you’re not. You either get it or you don’t. But even if you are bound to the latter category you have to appreciate the Air Max brand and what it has come to symbolise. It’s stood the test of time since it’s creation in 1987 with the Air Max 90 style making a comeback with a resurgence in popularity in the past year or so.

So here is my ode to the Air Max with a look styled by the amazing Bianca Koyabe.


Nike Air Max Sneakers: X Trend
Jumpsuit: I Am Woman
Sunglasses: Dior
Photographer: Georgia Groenewold of Reflection 9
Makeup and Hair: Morag Steyn
Stylist: Bianca Koyabe

Quick Note:

In celebration of Air Max Day, Nike has released this mini-documentary which shares some insight into the lives, and loves, of Air Max collectors. It’s a fascinating film sharing their deep passion for visible air:

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