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Fossil Watch Editorial: Calling All Curious

I have always thought myself to be a curious creature. For one thing, I don’t like to not be in the know. If curiosity killed the cat at least the cat would have had the answers in the end.

Curiosity: a strong desire to know or learn something. It is what has propelled us forward, generation after generation, in the constant pursuit of something more. Something undiscovered. Something amazing.

My very first watch I ever bought, as a self-proclaimed 13-year-old fashionista, was a Fossil watch. I can still see the thin, delicate bangle-like strap (very en vogue circa 1999) with it’s purple check pattern face and shiny, ticking hands. It was my pride and joy! I have since become a cult follower of the brand having populated my jewellery drawer with Fossil’s throughout the years.

Founded in 1984 (80s babies stand up!) Fossil has, over the years, created vintage-inspired pieces for those who they describe as “interesting people with super good taste and incredibly high standards”. Shucks. Thanks guys!

An excerpt from Fossil’s mantra states as follows: “Together we recharge. Hand in hand let’s giddy down the rabbit hole we call curiosity. Let’s geek out. Let’s twist vintage. Let’s take some wrong turns. Let’s inspire one another! Let’s pop the cork off personality. Let’s create. Let’s get curious!”

Below is our curious collaboration inspired by the Fossil Original Boyfriend Chronograph Watch in navy leather.

Photographer: Georgia Groenewold from Reflection 9
Makeup & Hair: Morag Steyn
Location & Cars: Rolling Thunder
Clothing: Top Shop

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