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Fashion Tips: How to Pair Fringe with Flair

Fringe and flair; two very statement fashion elements generally not worn together. These two fashion elements are usually put in an outfit as a singular statement piece and for good reason too. Having said that, I took a risk and tried my luck at pairing a statement flare with a statement fringe.

I think the trick for myself and stylist Sheena Bagshawe was to ensure that they were not both in your direct line of sight. If your eye is drawn directly to a statement accent in an outfit be sure that its not immediately overwhelming. We therefore paired a flaired sleeve with a fringe trouser hem. By placing these two elements at opposite ends of the full fashion look there is not a sensory overload.


The light blue denim colouring of the shirt teams up so nicely with the white jeans. This look furthermore works as both the top and the bottom are a neutral colour with no added patterns. I added a small black drawstring purse bag with gold chain strap which picked up with my subtle gold zip earrings.


It’s no secret that I have an ongoing love affair with lipstick and so why not add an amazing pop of colour. I mean it wouldn’t really be me if I didn’t add just that little bit extra so go big or go home I say. I chose Samshbox‘s Always On Liquid Lipstick in “Some Nerve” and actually matched my shoes to my lip and not the other way round as can often be the case.


So I say “be bold” and throw caution to the wind with a double fashion statement every now and then. Just be sure to use my little trick and don’t overwhelm the senses at your on-lookers first glance.

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Photographer: Reflection 9
Nails: Sherbet Angel

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