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Fashion Feature: Wooden Lace

I first noticed Wooden Lace when Shashi Naidoo posted the most gorgeous selfie on Instagram, as she always does, wearing beautiful floral embellished sunnies.

After some snooping around in the land of social media, we decided that we had to stock this amazing brand on our online retail store, OhOneOne. The brainchild, or flower child if you will, behind the range is Ulricke Laubscher.

She says about Wooden Lace, “Wooden Lace combines sophisticated modern design with functionality and strives to make it accessible for a broad target market. My creations are intended to bring joy to people and beautify their everyday lives, yet remain affordable at the same time. Nothing more, nothing less.  People often ask why Wooden Lace for a name. Wood for the obvious reasons and the word lace just gave Wooden Lace that vintage, girly, old school feel. The typical Wooden Lace woman is strong and sure of herself,  she isn’t here to be average. She’s got an energy that is infectious and she is always striving to be the best version of herself.”

Here’s a looksie at Wooden Lace’s SS15 Collection which can be purchased online, here.

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