Video Tutorial: DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

Making a DIY marbled Easter egg was never on my list of things to do as it’s no secret I’ve never been a huge fan of DIY. Having said that when I saw a picture of Marbled Easter Eggs used as decoration I absolutely loved them and wanted them for my home!

As I couldn’t buy them anywhere I did a little research and found such an easy way to make them. I called upon my friend Sarah Mitchell (follow her on Instagram here) who is slightly obsessive about DIY and making things pretty. Together we filmed a video showing you how to make them yourself. They were SUPER easy to make and I have to admit I found it really enjoyable too. Scroll down to watch!

Here’s a recap of what you need:

  • White eggs (boiled or blown out) – Sarah and I couldn’t track down white eggs so we used *GASP* white chocolate easter eggs. We tried it with normal coloured eggs but the effect was nowhere near what we wanted. The chocolate ones work better.
  • Nail polish or gel food colouring – Again we couldn’t get the food colouring we wanted so we used nail polish *DOUBLE GASP* which means you don’t get to eat the easter eggs when you’re done.
  • A squarish container. We initially attempted with a bowl but soon realised it didn’t work as well as a flat surface area with more space for the polish to spread.
  • Sosatie sticks or toothpicks.
  • Gloves – especially if you use nail polish.
  • A make shift stand for the eggs to dry properly. We suggest a piece of polystyrene with pins in to make little stands for the eggs.

I hope you loved watching the video as much as we loved making it. Be sure to tag us in some of your pics if you get round to making a few of your own this Easter weekend.

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