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Decor Inspiration: Cemcrete Polished Concrete Flooring

Being on the set of Top Billing episode after episode made me realise a few things about myself and my preferred design aesthetic. But the one thing I noticed time and again was that the homes I loved most were those with polished concrete flooring and walls.

So when it came time to choose our finishes I knew that I had to have this modern and sleek flooring in our new home! I didn’t need to do much research before I came across the best supplier in this category: Cemcrete! You can see what I’m talking about from the images below – they speak for themselves.


So here’s a little info for you about who and what Cemcrete is. Cemcrete quite simply = cement + concrete. Makes sense, right? The company is proudly South African and was started in the 1970s giving you full piece of mind that they’re not fly-by-nighters and know exactly what they’re doing! That’s over 40 years of knowledge being poured into your home.

So there are a few different types of products that Cemcrete offer and the amazing installers we used, Viv and her team at Cherubino’s, helped us decide on what to install and where. We opted for CreteCote in Sand Dollar for the downstairs area and staircase. We also did a feature bathroom completely in Cemcrete but that’s a special post all on it’s own and #comingsoon…

CreteCote is a coloured, thin film cement based floor covering which is versatile and durable. It is a two coat system which produces a 1.5mm smooth decorative finish suitable for application onto wood or steel floated concrete floor slabs or screeds and is ideal for internal domestic applications.

There are so many advantages to polished concrete flooring, I thought I’d quickly list a few for you for easy reference:

  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Resistant to moisture transmission issues (we had massive issues with damp in our old place so to hear this was a dream!)
  • Versatile application: can coat counter tops & vanities
  • In general, polished concrete has aHigh light reflectivity – which is great if you’re opting for light, open plan living that helps make small spaces feel larger
  • Longer life-cycle savings: in the long-run you have less problems with polished concrete flooring as it weathers well

I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly happy I was with this result! The service I received from both Cemcrete and Cherubino’s was incredible. Viv and her team are the utmost perfectionists and ensure that installation was seamless and immaculate.

Here are all the contact details you need!

Visit Cemcrete’s website here and follow them on Instagram here and Facebook there.

You can also get in touch with Cherubino’s here and find them on Facebook right over hereand Instagram there.

P.S. Just for clarity… Cemcrete provide the product but they don’t do the actual installation. Which is why you need to find a reputable installer like Cherubinos!

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