Imperfect Themed Perfection: A Coca Cola Wedding

There is just no denying that any sort of themed event, especially a wedding, can go so wrong. Having said that, when I saw Ashleigh’s themed-dream come to life it was proof of how to get it just right! Both Ashleigh and her husband Tiaan share a love for Coca-Cola and they decided to incorporate it into their vintage/shabby-chic affair.


Wedding Snapshot:

  • Date: 07 October 2015
  • Location: Lynwood, Pretoria
  • Venue: Imperfect Perfection
  • Number of guests: ±80


Roxy: Why did you decide on the venue you chose?

Ashleigh: As a young girl I had always dreamed of having a beach wedding but once we were engaged and started looking at venues this changed after the very first venue we looked at.  When we visited Imperfect Perfection we were lucky enough to see the venue on a day that it was set up for a wedding – It was more perfect than I could have imagined! I knew immediately that this was our venue, and my (husband) felt the same way!



Roxy: What look and feel were you going for with your décor and overall mood of the wedding?

Ashleigh: Both my husband and I share a love for Coke (Coca-Cola that is), and we decided to incorporate it into the décor, but ultimately we were going for a vintage/shabby-chic, “nothing matching” look. The different arrangements of flowers, and candles, along with the use of coca-cola crates & old instruments lended itself perfectly to the theme.

The wedding itself was very relaxed, and focused on family, friendship and FUN! Entrée’s were served to guests while we took our photos, and they were entertained with fun games, a photobooth, and a ceremony filled with so many laughs that it was WAY more entertaining than the norm.



Roxy: Tell us about picking out your dress? What did you wear and what inspired it?

Ashleigh: I wore a mermaid style dress, with special effect at the back made for me by Roxanne Pengilly. Pinterest played a HUGE role in deciding on ideas for the wedding, and I found a picture of the back of a dress that I was completely in love with – no matter how many beautiful dresses I tried on at bridal boutiques, nothing compared to this idea I’d formed in my head.

I eventually decided to have my dress made in order to get that back that I envisioned, and I had no regrets! My dress had a beaded belt with a subtle hint of mint coloured beads to complement my mint shoes!




Roxy: How did you get ideas for your wedding? Did you have a coordinator or was Pinterest your best friend?

Ashleigh: I did use pinterest A LOT, especially for ideas on my décor, such as folded paper flowers, name cards and paper fans. I did realise though at some point while planning a wedding you have to stop looking for ideas and stick to a central idea and build on it.

We had the most amazing team of co-ordinators at our venue who provided so many ideas (such as using a BED-SPRING to display our fans in the chapel) and so much help. Lené from Imperfect Perfection was an angel to work with, and she played a huge role in making our day so special.

I also worked very closely with a lovely lady named Ulricke, from a company called “Wooden Lace” who made my every coke-themed fantasy come true. She made all our boutonnieres, coasters, under plates, cufflinks….and each item was customized according to the coke theme, and personalized for each person.



Roxy: Tell us about your bridesmaids/groomsmen’s outfits?

Ashleigh: My bridesmaids wore mint/sage infinity dresses all wrapped according to their personal choice. They also wore laser-cut wooden earrings of little rabbits (my favourite animal). While we were getting ready we all wore matching kimono’s and wore sunglasses that I’d given the girls as a gift when I asked them to be my bridesmaids. We also each had coke bottle-shaped pins, each fitting our individual description.

The groomsmen all wore navy trousers, with matching polka-dot socks (which were great for photos) as well as matching bowties, and their coke bottle-shaped boutonnieres.




Roxy: How did you pick your photographer and/or videographer? Was there a particular style you were looking for?

Ashleigh: Our photographers came highly recommended by the co-ordinators at our venue, as they know the venue inside out and are able to capture the most amazing photographs depicting every aspect of the wedding. I was amazed by their attention to detail when capturing décor, and since I knew that my wedding was very focused on tiny details- I knew that they would capture the wedding perfectly!



Roxy: Tell us about the menu.

Ashleigh: While the bridal party had our couple shoot, guests were treated to a selection of canapé’s, endless amounts of fruits, cheeses, aperitif and fancy breads. Guests were amazed that the food just kept coming, and each time something new & more interesting was brought out.

For mains we decided on a buffet option of chicken, roast lamb, roast pork & gammon. Guests could also carbo-load if they wished and there was plenty of salads etc. Brides don’t normally eat much on their wedding night but the food was so delicious I could not help myself.

Our dessert however, was the real show-stopper!




Roxy: What about your flowers?

Ashleigh: My flowers were a mixture of soft colours & cherry-brandy roses. We had many peach carnations and white roses, such as the ones I wore in my headpiece, and then added cherry-brandy roses to add a pop of colour. We also incorporated many folded flowers and succulents as well as other greenery to add to the look and feel of the décor.



Roxy: Is there a particular moment that stands out from the day?

Ashleigh: Obviously the whole day was so wonderful that there are too many to mention, having said that I do have three really great stand out moments…each one involves the men in my life.

MY FATHER-IN-LAW: We had the honour of being married by my father in law as he is a pastor- he took so much care & paid so much attention to making our ceremony very personal & very specific to our “coke theme.”

MY DAD: Walking down the aisle with my dad was very special, we walked to a piano/cello version of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” At the reception, we did a very special father-daughter dance, dancing to sentimental songs such as “Butterfly Kisses” as well as some fun with “Let’s do the twist” and “Grease Lightning.”

MY HUSBAND: Because we opted not to do the traditional garter toss, we chose to play a game called “the shoegame” and our answers were very similar for the most part…which made for great entertainment for the guests. (Especially when I smacked my husband with my shoe for answering a question incorrectly)


Roxy: How did you feel when you saw your husband for the first time walking down the aisle?

Ashleigh: My husband had taken me a bet that he would NEVER cry when I walked down the aisle, as he doesn’t show emotion easily. As the doors opened I went into shock, and convinced myself that I had forgotten my vows….all it took was for me to look up, across the room, at him and I knew I was fine…..BUT…when he saw me something in his face changed, and immediately my heart sank…when I realized he was crying, I started crying too…and there I was walking toward him-completely in tears, but I wouldn’t change the moment for anything!



  1. Wedding planner/coordinator: Lene van Leeuwen
  2. Venue: Imperfect Perfection
  3. Catering/food: Imperfect Perfection: Karoo Deli
  4. Décor: Wooden lace, Love & Grace and DIY
  5. Flowers: Love & Grace
  6. Dress: Roxanne Pengilly @ Dresses by Roxanne
  7. Hair and makeup: Ane van Schalkwyk & Marinda Viljoen van den Berg
  8. Cake: Karoo Deli @ Imperfect Perfection
  9. Photographer: Miracles Photography

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