Are You The Next Big Thing on YouTube? Win R250k And A Trip To Hollywood

Digital broadcasting is the future. And YouTube is at the forefront of providing a platform for those who have a voice: something to say, something to share, something to stand for.

There are 819,417,600†hours of video on YouTube. 10,113 Youtube videos generated over 1 billion views thus far in 2016. The total number of people who use YouTube? 1,300,000,000. And you should be one of them.

If these mind-blowing stats donít entice you to run to your camera phone right now and record something then I donít know what will.

cell c youtube

Since Iíve started producing 5FMís YouTube channel, 5FM TV, I have realised the power of this phenomenal medium. So when Cell C approached me about their #BreakTheNet talent search I jumped at the opportunity to share this with my followers. I sincerely believe YouTube is the future of broadcasting and a way for African broadcasters and entertainers to bring their content to the world!

cell c youtube competition

So this is how itís all going DOWN! Cell-C are searching for the next big thing on YouTube. The next Suzelle DIY. The next Derek Watts and the Sunday Blues. The next Blessing Xaba.

And they really are providing the winner with a serious push in the right direction! The winner of the #BreakTheNet search walks away with a cool R250 000 AND (wait for a itÖ) a FULLY paid trip to Hollywood. Tinsel Town, Africa is a cominí!

cell c youtube break the net

Hereís how you enter:

  • Create a mad hot one minute video. What counts as hot? You have YouTube, work it out.
  • From 15 September – 15 October, you can upload your video on the Cell C Reality App. Anyone can enter, but only Cell C subscribers can win prizes.
  • Once entries close, our mentors will pick 30 videos to become our chosen, shortlisted few.
  • The 30 contestants will be given 5 challenges for the next 8 weeks. The first on 23 October.
  • They’ll have 48 hours to create and upload their video, and then get it to go viral. And just like all internet stars, the ultimate winner will be chosen based on how many views they get.

For more info you can visit the #BreakTheNet site here.†You can also follow Cell C on Twitter here for more updates.

Oh and donít forget to download the Cell C Reality App to catch all the drama unfold on Google Play here and the†App Store there.

Good luck rising YouTube stars! I canít wait to see what youíve got.

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