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Natasha Ndlovu: Model slash Blogger slash Trailblazer

I discovered Natasha Ndlovu’s Instagram account (and her impressive 72 000 strong following) quite by accident one day and was immediately besotted. I’m a sucker for a well curated digital collage of images. She is a model, blogger and all round cool chick. When I noticed her surname I simply had to chat to her as I am always in awe of African women who are doing great things abroad. Here is my catch-up with her.

Much love,

RB: I immediately noticed your surname and wondered where your heritage lies?

ND: My last name Ndlovu is Ndebele. My family is originally from Zimbabwe, where I was born and I also grew up in South Africa.

RB: How long have you been based in London?

ND: I have been in London for about 6 years now. Before that I was in Canada and France.

RB: How did the creation of your website come about it? What was your initial goal?

ND: My blog started out as a way to kill time when I wasn’t going to model castings. Initially, I didn’t have a goal in mind for it. I just wanted to share my life with people but the more brands became interested in working with me, the more I realised I could turn this into a business.

RB: You are also a model – what is it about modeling that you love?

ND: Yes, I still do a bit of modelling here and there although now most of the campaign work I do, funny enough, is through my blog. What I do love about modeling is the travelling and meeting new people.

RB: And where did your passion for photography stem from?

ND: I studied Visual Arts in university in Canada and photography was a part of it. Over the years, being involved in fashion and running my blog has made me keen on improving my photography skills.

RB: How would you describe your personal style?

ND: My style lately is all about simple neutral colors like white, camel, black mixed in with a bit of denim.

RB: I love your Instagram account! Does it take a lot of effort to up keep such a beautifully created platform?

ND: Thank you! I am obsessed with Instagram. It’s an important tool in the blogging world and presentation is key. I never used to be aware of my color scheme but people are apparently attracted to some kind of pattern, so I use VSCOcam not only to edit my photos but to preview how my feed will look like in terms of photos placed next to each other.

RB: You’ve collaborated with some amazing international brands – does any particular campaign stand out for you?

ND: One of my favourite collaborations was with Nike, who asked me not only to do a story about their Nike Cortez sneakers but a video as well and it was so exhilarating to film something and have a major sports brand actually like it!

RB: Where do you gain inspiration?

ND: I take inspiration from a lot of places – Tumblr, magazines, Youtube, films and even some people I follow on Instagram.

RB: What are some of your goals for 2016?

ND: My goals for 2016 are to expand my Youtube channel. I really love being in front of the camera and would like to share my own creative content with the world on there and finally have a voice, not just taking nice pictures. I also hope to travel more, especially to Asia and South America, where I have never been. I also hope to collaborate with tons of amazing brands internationally, including South Africa.

RB: Any advice for you women who may want to follow a similar path to you?

ND: I would say first sit yourself down and write down what you are passionate about and how you plan on sharing it with the world. Anyone can start a blog but it’s keeping it going and making it a relevant source of information that’s important. If you plan on making this your full time job, make sure you have another source of income to help support you in the mean time. Plan ahead with a calendar for the upcoming month, that way you are not stuck on what to write or film. Do it because you have a passion for it, not just for the money and remember the only person you are competing with is yourself.

You can follow Natasha on Twitter here and Instagram there.

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