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Model Behaviour: Bianca Koyabe

I first met Bianca Koyabe about 2 years ago when she modelled for my online store OhOneOne. When you meet B, as we affectionately like to call her, you are not only struck but her authentic beauty but by her aura and quiet, confident presence. She is cool, calm and collected. Yet warm and welcoming all at the same time.

I’ve beamed from the social media sidelines like a proud mom as her star has risen since our first encounter. But even more than this, I admire her tenacity and dedication – to say that Bianca works hard is a complete understatement. You will find her in the gym at least twice a day. She eats right and knows what her body needs.

Her humility is another aspect of her personality that many in our industry need more of. Because of all these wonderful traits, and of course her prowess as a model, I requested some time with her and asked her a few questions so that YOU could meet her to and love her just as much as I do.

She is my Gigi Hadid, my Kendall Jenner… a model and starlet to watch out for!

Photographer: Francois Pistorius

Roxy: You have worked incredibly hard to get to where you are, where did it all begin?

Bianca: Thank you for acknowledging that fact, it means a lot. I started my work in the fashion industry in 2011. I never really had time to pursue what it may be like to model and after I finished high school coincidentally I was scouted on Facebook and so I decided to sign up to an agency.

Roxy: Tell us about your schedule and how you work out?

Bianca: My schedule is up and down, sometimes busy sometimes not so much. It almost seems like everything happens all at once and then I run around like a headless chicken. The one thing I’ve learnt is to create a balance and to never make excuses. I workout 5-6 times a week and I focus a lot on cardio as well as a bit of strength training. I am quite involved in boxing and pilates.

Photographer: Jacques Weyers

Roxy: Do you watch what you eat?

Bianca: Yes! But for the simple reason that my body is my temple and I want to look after it. When I eat well I feel really good. I feel more energized and it helps with my workout schedule, I achieve maximum results. Currently I eat 4-5 small meals a day, consisting of mostly vegetables, eggs and white meat.

Roxy: What is your biggest achievement to date?

Bianca: Wow! This question is always so tough because I surprise myself everyday and I am so blessed to have worked with the people that I have. But I would have to say shooting with the World Swimsuit South Africa Team (Former Sports Illustrated) in the Seychelles (2014) and in the Maldives (2015).

Photographer: Ricardo Macus K

Roxy: How do you use social media to the benefit of your career?

Bianca: Social media is my best friend! Every post I make is thought out and is made to appeal to a certain target market. I am very interactive and I engage with my followers and with brands that I have worked with and hope to work with in the future. Through this I have been able to book many jobs and I am forever grateful for the power of social media.

Roxy: What is your goal from here on out?

Bianca: My goal from here on out is to continue working towards perfecting my craft. And to be a voice and a role model African girls.

Photographer: Francois Pistorius

Roxy: Who is your fave local and international model?

Bianca: Favourite local model would have to be Charissa Du Plessis and international is Jasmine Tookes.

Roxy: Who is your favourite photographer that you’ve worked with?

Bianca: All time favourite photographer that I’ve worked with is Jacques Weyers. We worked together in the Maldives and in the Seychelles and I am so blessed to be able to call him a mentor of sorts. He has done a lot for me in the modeling industry.

Roxy: How does the CT vs JHB modelling scene differ?

Bianca: Cape Town is more high fashion and Johannesburg is more commercial. The look in Cape Town is more fresh, no make, natural hair and simple, clean dressing. In Joburg the look for models is more done up, full face of make up, done up hair and heels. There are more international opportunities in Cape Town (which is why I moved there briefly).

Roxy: What are your hopes for 2016?

Bianca: My hopes for this year is to continue expanding my brand. I love modeling, but I also love other aspects of the fashion industry such as styling, make up, photography and creative directing. I want to push myself to reach my full potential and have fun along the way.

You can follow Bianca on Instagram here and Twitter there.

Photographer: Francois Pistorius
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