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Entrepreneur Envy: Lorinda Voges

Welcome to the first of many posts on amazing women who are doing big things in their field of choice. I hope that these stories and interviews inspire you to keep pushing on and know that you’re not alone in this hustle we call life! As Lupita famously said, “Your dreams are valid.”

Love Roxy

Lorinda Voges is not only recognisable because she stands (literally) head and shoulders above the crowd with her gorgeous long legs but she also exudes a confidence that a self-made women encapsulates. She is the founder of 4Elementsmedia and an entrepreneur to be admired. I love myself a strong, independent woman! *Queue Beyonce* Here is her story.

Roxy: Why did you decide to start your own business?

Lorinda: The Idea came to mind in 2010 when I turned 30. I realised whilst traveling to New York that I needed to be more independent, that my hard work and talents can be used to enrich and make me more successful. I however only started the company 1 year later in 2011.

Roxy: What are some of the advantages, and disadvantages, of being your own boss?

Lorinda: Having your own business is like having a child. You are at all times responsible for the success and the progress of your company. You cannot simply be absent and just take time off as most people think. You need to be driven, motivated and self disciplined.

Roxy: Being the head of a company… have you experienced #everydaysexism?

Lorinda: No, I am all for empowering women and being an empowered woman. If someone tries to be sexist I will work extra hard, showing them that I can do the same job as a man, if not better.

Roxy: As a strong woman, are men intimidated by you?

Lorinda: Yes. I always found that most men are intimidated by my sense of independence. It also does not help that I am 6 foot tall. Hats of to my boyfriend Gianmarco for taking it up as a challenge and stepping up the game.

Roxy: And what about women?

Lorinda: Women are not intimidated, they are jealous. I find that in this industry there are not many team players, but rather fake friends that will do anything in their power to work against you than with you.

Roxy: Is there a moment in your memory that stands out and you thought “wow, I’m really doing this!” – such as, signing your first client, or paying your first employee?

Lorinda: It was in 2014, after a really tough year when Calvin Klein appointed me to open their store in Cape Town. I then realized that my work speaks volumes, even as far as Amsterdam and Italy!

Roxy: What advice would you have for other women wanting to become entrepreneurs?

Lorinda: It will be the biggest self-empowering act you could ever do yourself but you will be challenged daily to grow. Be tough, but still be kind. Still be a woman and surround yourself around other like-minded women that want to see you succeed.

You can follow Lorinda on Twitter here and Instagram there. Here’s some info on 4Elementsmedia:

4Elementsmedia aka 4EM is a South African-based boutique Public Relations firm specializing in a combination of both new media and traditional PR for lifestyle brands. Visit them here.

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