Blogging Tips From South Africa’s Best

Lee Odden, marketing extraordinaire says “A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others”. And no truer word was spoken. Not only do I try to show genuine interest in anything I blog about but I am always open to learning from industry experts.

When shooting for Top Billing at London Fashion Week earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet top blogger, model and photographer Natasha Ndlovu. When she told me she was visiting Johannesburg, myself and fashion PR specialists Society PR jumped at the opportunity to spread the blogging love.


Natasha Ndlovu, Gina Mosley of Society PR and Roxy Burger

We decided to host what we called the #BloggerXChange Workshop. An intimate brunch at Moyo Zoo Lake with some of South Africa’s top bloggers where we could all create, engage and exchange: thoughts, knowledge, tips and tricks… A space where we could get together and chat about our love of creating awesome content.

After the workshop I had quite a few requests on social media to host another one (yes!) so for now I figured I would share some of the knowledge that was passed around the brunch table. Here are some of their tips just for YOU from the best of the best!

Quality Is Key

Our blogger of the moment, Natasha Ndlovu suggests: “One must create consistent content that your readers will get into a pattern of following. This could be posting on one or two specific days of the week. Quality is key so make sure your photos and writing are up to standard and engaging, not just a copy of digital content that’s already out there.”

Don’t Compare

Sheena Bagshawe of The Stylist’s Notebook says: “My advice is to do the work and do it often, create instead of consuming. After you’ve started up and been working at it for a while, you can find yourself in a comparison game with other bloggers. And alot of the time it’s not that someone else is “better” than you, but they’ve put in the hours. Keep yourself creating good work at a high standard that is true to yourself and share it, you’ll get there!”


Consistency Times Three

Michal Naidoo of “The one thing I would say is important in the blogging industry is consistency – consistency with great content, consistency on social media platforms, consistency with morals when working with brands and consistency in ones personality when engaging with others both in and out of the industry.”



Find A Mentor

Lulama Wolf of Lulama Wolf, Between My Howl puts forward two important points: “Find a mentor in a totally different field and always put up quality content even if it means deleting or recreating content.”



Trust Your Voice

Irina Doman of I’ll Take It All, and Brand Manger for Urban Decay SA, says her main blogging tip “is to always be yourself no matter what the situation is. Your readers are there for you and your voice so always remember to remain true to yourself.” We were lucky enough that Irina gifted all of our lovely ladies with a lush Urban Decay Vice lipstick to take home.



Before You Begin Know Where You Will End

Aimee McLearie of SA Style Fyle says, “Know why you’re starting your blog and where you eventually want to end up. Know who you are speaking to and have that person in mind when creating content with your unique viewpoint.”

It’s Not Just About Pretty Pictures

Darrin Thomas from The Fully Packed Bag believes in the importance of the written word. “It’s not only about beautiful pictures and a well curated Instagram account. Make sure that your spelling, your grammar, your punctuation and every little detail is in check. You know what they say about dotting your I’s…”




And to end let me pass on a little advice I’ve found useful. Authenticity is the epicentre of what I do. If I’m not genuinely interested in a topic or believe in a particular brand I won’t blog about it. It’s as sample as that. Readers are savvy. And they turn to bloggers for an authentic and truthful voice of opinion. Do you! Be you! And don’t compromise.



I must say a huge thank you to Moyo Zoo Lake for providing us with an amazing venue and seriously tasty brunch. I highly recommend a trip there on a weekend morning!



Upon arrival all of our guests received an “I love Africa” bracelet from Elegance Jewellers.



A further shoutout to Claire Woods at Fields of Colour for creating a table any blogger would die to flat lay! Thanks to Typo South Africa, Claire was able to add delicious copper delights! All of the table decor is available in store now.




What is a brunch without bubbles I ask you? No brunch at all. And thanks to Krone, we were lucky enough to be serving some of the best. And any woman who loves bubbles must love chocolate. What better way to consume those calories than with Lindt. Fix you are the bomb for supplying our ladies with these treats!




The gifts bags were complete with an extra bit of Tally Weijl cotton delight. I am so in love with this brand and we’ve created some amazing style stories together that you can check out here.


I truly believe that local bloggers have the talent, ability and determination to make strides overseas and bring our perspectives to the international blogging community. So hopefully through a few more #BloggerXChange events we can exchange knowledge and take over the world!

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