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The Beauty Beneath LeAnne Dlamini

LeAnne Dlamini is honestly one of the most beautiful women I have ever encountered! And when she was a contestant on last season’s Strictly Come Dancing, I was lucky enough to spend every Friday with her for 10 consecutive weeks. During this time I learnt that LeAnne is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

She balances being a singer/songwriter and mother to two gorgeous girls with style and finesse. I’m not going to lie – I feel a tinge of jealousy every time I see an Instagram of her perfectly made up face! Never too much, always just right. Which lead to me to wanting to know more about her make-up kit… So I poked around and asked some questions!

Roxy: You are a self-confessed make-up-o-holic! How much makeup do you actually have?

LeAnne: Not enough, but I have a lot! I’m a beauty junkie, I confess. LOL!

Roxy: What is it about putting on a face of makeup that makes you feel so good?

LeAnne: I love how makeup enhances what you already have & just gives you that extra bit of confidence when you know you look good.

Roxy: Do you think, in today’s social media culture, that we run the risk of pretending to be something we are not? Where do we draw the line when it comes to “bettering” ourselves whether it be through makeup or fashion or even plastic surgery? How do we find balance?

LeAnne: I think there’s a very fine line between finding the perfect balance & going overboard, but with that said, to each his own as well. Don’t allow society to dictate how you should look. I only do things because I want to make myself look & feel better. It’s never for anybody else. I’m raising 2 daughters & I’m trying to teach my girls about self-love & accepting yourself the way God made you.


Roxy: You are mom to two gorgeous girls – related to the above – what will you teach them about both makeup and prettifying themselves yet still being their authentic and true to their personalities?

LeAnne: That makeup should only be used as a tool to enhance the beauty you already have. I tell them that all the time. You are beautiful with & without make up. It’s perfectly aligned with a campaign I recently did called Women with Confidence.

Image source – Kevin Mark Pass

Roxy: What is your “go to” look when you’re in a rush?

LeAnne: I wear lash extensions already so all I add on is a bit of blush & lip-gloss. Quick & easy.

Roxy: Can you please name your:

Fave foundation: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Fave mascara: Estee Lauder

Fave colour palettes for eye shadows: Urban Decay

Fave lippy? : MAC “Please Me” lipstick & NARS lip-gloss

Roxy: Any other fave products you can let women know about?

LeAnne: I absolutely love Nudestix, my beauty blender & Anastacia liquid lipsticks. They’re amazing.

Roxy: Is there ever such a thing as too much makeup?

LeAnne: Absolutely, yes! When you no longer look like yourself, you’ve gone too far! LOL!

Follow LeAnne on Twitter and Instagram at @iamleannemusic. Listen to LeAnne’s new single “Baby No Sweat” here.

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