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Personalised Haircare: What is System Professional?

I’ve really enjoyed my haircare journey over the past 3 months. And can note quite a change in the texture, tone and volume of my hair! I’m not going to lie… I was a little skeptical about how much of a difference “personalised” or individual haircare could make – I mean, how accurate could it be?!

Turns out… It’s very accurate!

My hair is feeling great! With all the heat styling I do for work and constantly changing my look on set, I’ve found that this approach to haircare quite revolutionary.

Still undecided? Here’s how System Professional works and what an Energy Code is:

There you have it! It’s as simple (and as scientific) as that!

I do love myself a day at the salon and recently filmed the process that gets me camera ready! While prepping for How Do I Look? SA myself and my hairdresser Jenna at JK Ginger have made sure we’ve really strengthened and prepped my hair for set!

If you’d like more info on System Professional you can click here and to get your own personalised Energy Code click here.

You can also find your nearest System Professional salon here or visit my own preferred salon, JK Ginger.

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