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One Smashbox Palette… Multiple Makeup Looks

Imagine a make up drawer with just one palette… Is that even possible? Well thanks to Smashbox and their “Drawn In Decked out” Palette it just may be. This limited-edition collection has everything that ten different palette’s could offer in one! With contour, blush and highlight shades as well as fifteen different eye shadow colours it’s a palette that allows you to create endless makeup looks.

With the fifteen eyeshadows ranging from neutral to bold pigments, it was difficult to decide which colours to use to create four looks for you. Having said that Sarah Ann Styles and I have gone with looks that are fairly easy to do and would suit most faces.

Look 1

EYES: Rustic; Delirious; Sunrise; Vanilla; Hyperlash Mascara

The key with dark colours is to start off sparingly and build up as you go. Start in the outer upper corner of the eye with ‘Rustic’ and gently build and blend as you progress. All eye shapes are different so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a cat eye shape, just ensure whatever shape you go with you blend any hard edges away.

Pull the colour along the lower lash line approximately to middle of the eye. Use ‘Delirious’ next on the middle of the upper lid and blend. Finish off by mixing ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Vanilla’ together in the upper corner of the eye. Be sure to blend gently into the middle of the lid. Pull the same mixture of colour into the inner corner. Apply mascara to bottom and top lashes.

CHEEKS: Bronze; Passion

Use the ‘Bronze’ under the cheekbone and slightly build up to create a gentle contour.

TIP: Suck in those cheeks to get the approximate positioning and apply in straight brush strokes. Then use ‘Passion’ on the apples of your cheeks.

TIP: Smile to get those cheeks puffy and in circular motions softly add the colour.

LIP: Always On Liquid Lipstick in Drivers Seat

Look 2

EYES: Almond; Always On Gel Eye Liner in Brewed; X-rated Mascara

Sometimes one colour is all you need! This ‘Almond’ shade is great as it can be darkened the more you put on. This is a simple smoky eye with one colour and is great for the office. Start on the lash line and slowly build and blend , build and blend, build and blend. Patience is key with a smoky eye. Add the pencil liner in the outer corner of the eyes and gently smudge it in.

The eyeliner can be left off completely if you prefer a more subtle look.

TIP: Add more liner and change the lip to red for an instant dinnertime look. Mascara on the top lashes for your day time look. Add to the top and the bottom if you are taking the face out that evening.

CHEEKS: Warm Apricot

If used for the office a contour is just not necessary… And is not needed every time you do your face. Rather do gentle straight strokes along the cheekbone and soft circular motions to slightly drag the colour up. Use on the apples of your cheeks.

TIP: Use a slightly smaller, pointed blush brush to get a more accurate less is more cheek. If you’re needing advice on brushes read our article here.

LIPS: Be Legendary Liquid Pigment in Pink Drank

Look 3

EYES: Royal; Limitless Liquid Liner; Full Exposure Mascara

Release your inner vamp with this evening look. This look is about strong pigment and strong lines. With a colour as dark as ‘Royal’ on the eyes it cannot be stressed once again just how important it is to build and blend. The purple undertone of this shade softens the look slightly by taking off the harshness of a black shade. The amount you put on is really up to you and how intense you want the look.

The Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner is great for creating that perfect liquid line. Line the top lid thinly and create a flick at the end (use whichever hack you’ve mastered specific to your eye). Join the flick to the lower lash line. Once again depending on the intensity you want to create will help you decide whether to line the whole lower lash line or just half.

TIP: Don’t be afraid of the liner, it will sense it! If you mess it up, simply pick a pencil-shaped brush and smudge it in to create a darker depth to the purple shade. Lather your lashes to the max, top and bottom as much as possible!

CHEEKS: Warm Apricot

Strong lines mean contour! There is a common misconception that you need to be an artist to contour but this is not the case. Even just the simplest of contouring on the cheeks can create the desired effect. Suck in your cheeks, follow the natural line it creates, blend and voila!

Add some bronzer on top of that to soften the darker shade. Why not apply highlighter to really finish the look? Apply to upper cheek bone and pull up around your temples. Brush lightly over the tip of your nose and on top of your cupids bow.

TIP: when contouring don’t be scared to use a darker shade than you are used to, just be sure to start slow and blend. It’s easier to add than to remove.

LIPS: Be Legendary Liquid Pigment in Pink Drank

Look 4

EYES: Flamingo; Passion; Full Exposure Mascara

Pretty in pink! Just because a product is labeled blush doesn’t mean you couldn’t use it elsewhere. By mixing ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Passion’ the perfect colour of peachy pink can be created for a simple, fresh summer look. Cover the whole lid and blend together for a soft shade on the eyes.

Keep it on the top lid only but don’t feel obliged, if you feel your brush dragging to the bottom lash line go for it. Lather with mascara top and bottom and that is as easy as it gets!

TIP: If you feel the colour is washing you out, add a little darker shade like ‘Delirious’ on the upper lash line.

CHEEKS: Passion

This look is all about the freshness so simply smile and apply some pink ‘Passion’ on those cheeks. Don’t be shy.

LIPS: Be Legendary Liquid Metal in Petal Metal

As you can see from the above, four different looks were created with not even half of what’s on offer in this palette. From ‘barely there’ looks to “party princesses” this palette should satisfy most woman’s make up needs. Thanks Smashbox!

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