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The Tea/Tee Makeup Test

makeup test

I love discovering a great new foundation. And if you know me, you’ll know I’m a lipstick gal so when I found out the Avon’s Power Stay range came in a liquid matte lip as well… I was ecstatic! A double whammy!

Let’s start with Avon’s first long-wear liquid foundation, the Avon True Power Stay 24hr Foundation. I love a foundation that is buildable – one that can be applied to suit your coverage needs. You’ll see in my Tee/Tea video below, you don’t need a lot of product to achieve full coverage and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t feel “caked” on if you need a little more for your pigmentation (like me!). It’s lightweight and spreads evenly, without streaking.

After filming my Tee/Tea test I had a full day out at meetings and then took Adrienne to swimming lessons. After a frolic in the pool for about 45 minutes I STILL didn’t need a reapplication! I was impressed.

makeup test
Avon Power Stay Foundation
makeup test
Avon Power Stay Lip Colour

Now my fave: Avon True’s Power Stay 16hr Lip Colour, which is available in 10 pigmented and matte colors. I’ll take a matte lip any day as it really does last longer. But often, it feels dry and cracks and can make your lips look like they belong in the Sahara desert! This wasn’t the case with Avon’s new lippy. I found it went on easily, with no smudging or bleeding, and I didn’t reapply once.

If I’m honest, I actually struggled to get it off! Which isn’t a bad thing – you can rest assured that their 16-hour-wear promise is legit!

Now for the real test. Will the foundation come off on a white tee? And will the lipstick stay behind on a mug? Watch and YOU be the judge!

The proof is in the pudding. You really can #SlayAllDay! And with Avon’s Power Stay Foundation being R179-90 with 15 shades o choose from and their Power Stay Lip Colour retailing at R119-90, you can afford to never worry about a reapplication again. Don’t let a workout, a busy day or a great cuppa mess with your makeup.

Shop the Avon Power Stay range here. You won’t be sorry.

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