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L’Oreal Convinces Me To Put Clay On My Face

Clay; mud; sand; soil; dirt. All words that can be used interchangeably but certainly not a collective use of words one would think to use when talking about skincare. However, L’Oreal skincare is why you find yourself reading this and clay is our topic of discussion. So the main question I find women tend to ask is why use a face mask? Whereas my question is WHY CLAY?

So why use a face mask? Well firstly not all of us can be visiting the spa every week, that’s for sure, so to be able to gain spa benefits like a facial in your own bathroom seems a good deal, no? I can safely say that would be reason enough for me but if you’d like some real benefits of a face mask, and a clay one at that, here they are:

Benefit 1:

ALL for one and one for all, clay masks benefit all skin types. So cast away the hunt for the perfect mask to suit your oily or dry or combination skin if you have no time. No doubt clay masks are suited more for oily skin but the great thing about L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Mask Range is that they all have different individual benefits but are still suitable on any skin type – win win!

Benefit 2:

Each day our skin takes a daily beating from pollution, dirt and oil which can leave your skin feeling rough and especially in my case makes those dreaded pores seem larger. GREAT! Using a clay mask can help draw out a multitude of these impurities. The L’OrealPure Clay Exfoliate and Refining Clay Mask will really make a difference as it tightens the appearance of pores and exfoliates dead skin cells from the skins surface.

Benefit 3:

Mattifying and Brightening! As mentioned above clay masks are really helpful when it comes to mattifying the skin. So if you really do struggle with oily skin a clay mask could soon become your best friend. Once Summer hits my combination skin definitely starts to bend towards being more oily from sweating etc. I tried theL’OrealPure Clay Purify and Mattify Face Mask and I loved it because I honestly noticed a difference.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Purify & Mattifying Mask
L’Oreal Pure ClayClarify and Smooth Face Mask

On the opposite side of the spectrum if you’re looking for a little upliftment and brightening in your skin tone but using a primer each day is not for you then I’d definitely give using a mask a go. TheL’Oreal Pure Clay Clarify and Smooth Face Mask helps draw out the buildup of impurities and shed rough, dead skin cells from the surface. This helps give skin a clean glow and assists with your complexion appearing fresher.

Have a read here to find your best L’Oreal Pure Clay fit. There are so many amazing benefits for all different types of skin.

L’Oreal have also taken it one step further and given you an option to double up on your clay mask skincare range by creating corresponding cleansers. Cleansing before a mask will certainly benefit your skin further so if you have the time or are looking for a new cleanser let this duo skincare dream team be next on your shopping list.

You can shop L’Oreal’s Pure Clay range of masks and cleansers, here! Happy masking! Make sure you also follow L’Oreal Skincare on Instagram here for some fantastic skincare tips, tricks and product info.

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