Anji and Charl: An Enchanted Affair

Actress, voice artist and model, Anji Woodley married her prince charming, Charl, at the picturesque Shepstone Gardens in Houghton in front of 120 guests. And with you and as I as digital witnesses to the below, we can make that 121 😉

Anji & Charl | Venue & Dekor (9 of 12)

RB: Why did you decide on Shepstone Gardens?

AW: The sheer beauty of it, and the exclusivity of the venue, meaning only one wedding that day.

Anji & Charl | Venue & Dekor (8 of 12)

RB: What look and feel were you going for with your décor and overall mood of the wedding?

AW: We went for an enchanted look, with simple colours and elegant arrangements. We wanted everyone together and not spread out too much, with games , music and canapés all in the same area that the reception (held in a glass pavilion) was.

Anji & Charl | Venue & Dekor (1 of 12)

RB: Tell us about picking out your dress? What did you wear and what inspired it?

AW: The dress that I wore was a classic style, trumpet gown (quite red carpet inspired) with soft chiffon sleeves and an elegant lace detail along the bodice. I had a medium length train, with a dramatic veil to finish it off.

Anji & Charl | Bride prep (11 of 23)

Anji & Charl | Bride prep (17 of 23)

Anji & Charl | Bride prep (19 of 23)

Anji & Charl | Couple shoot (3 of 14)

RB: How did you get ideas for your wedding? Did you have a co-ordinator or was Pinterest your best friend?

AW: I actually abandoned Pinterest at one point as it became rather overwhelming and I didn’t want a “Oh I saw that on Pinterest “ type of reaction. So Charl and I found inspiration with the venue itself, magazines, books, Google etc. We knew what we wanted our guests to experience and went along the line of making it a reality! We ha a superb co-ordinator who helped along the way and great décor & flower company called Oopsie Daisy.

Anji & Charl | Couple shoot (6 of 14)

RB: Tell us about your bridesmaids/groomsmen’s outfits?

AW: Charl and I wanted both the girls and boys to feel confident and happy in what they were wearing. The girls have different bodies and styles so we went with Geliques wrap navy dresses that they styled to suit themselves. I couldn’t have been more proud to see the smiles on their faces. They all looked gorgeous! The lads were paired in navy chinos, white shirts, braces and custom made bow ties. They had various shades of brown shoes finish it off. They looked awesome!

Anji & Charl | Bride prep (16 of 23)

Anji & Charl | Groom prep (6 of 6)

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RB: How did you pick your photographer and/or videographer? Was there a particular style you were looking for?

AW: Charl and I did research online. We wanted natural photos that weren’t all posing and fake. Real moments that are captured beautifully because that is true and that is us. The same went for the videographers, we didn’t want a “home video” style , something a more interesting & we found Bravo & Thatcher! What a bonus to find out that they loved working alongside Mighty Fine (our photographers) that’s a important too.

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Anji & Charl | Couple shoot (9 of 14)



Anji & Charl | Couple shoot (1 of 14)

RB: What about your flowers?

AW: Flowers were simple, in season arrangements  of roses, hydrangeas, penny gum, moss and various other leafy plants added between.

Anji & Charl | Bride prep (12 of 23)

Anji & Charl | Venue & Dekor (12 of 12)

Anji & Charl | Venue & Dekor (3 of 12)

RB: Is there a particular moment that stands out from the day?

AW: The moment I saw Charl at the end of the aisle, walking to him through a tunnel of smiles and cheers , I don’t remember breathing. It was just another level of elevation and exhilaration.

Anji & Charl | Ceremony (7 of 8)


Wedding planner/coordinator: Karine Antonian from Shepstone Gardens

Venue: Shepstone Gardens

Décor and Flowers: Oopsie Daisy Décor & Flowers

Dress: De La Vida

Photographer: Mighty Fine

Videographer: Bravo & Thatcher