5 Tips for the Busy Traveller

My travel life has changed of late. Now that Im a mom I have NO extra time to faf online and scroll through site after site searching for the right travel deal. Its simply not possible. And this is definitely true of other career people who aren’t parents ain’t nobody got time to waste! So when I came across Travelstart’s offerings I was super impressed and here is why I think Travelstart should be your next go-to when booking a holiday.

  1. Its a one stop shop

So for all your flight, accommodation and car rental needs you can simply visit ONE site: www.travelstart.co.za – the site will pull information from across the interwebs (and properties and airlines around the globe) and show you the best options to suit your needs. You can filter search results to match every pocket and its fast, reliable service is stellar.

  1. Its safe

Be careful of weird websites and fly-by-nighters (pardon the pun) and by that I mean spam filled pages that you’ve never heard of. I would head to a site like Travelstart.co.za because its reputable, it has a great track record and you aren’t going to arrive on a tiny island in the middle of the Med with a fake address and no hotel!

  1. It might be a local website but specials are out of this world

And by that I mean you can find great specials and deals from outside of SA! Travelstart not only caters for local travel but international too so head over and start planning your out-of-this-world holiday now.

  1. Package deals with incredible value

If you visit the promotions and specials page just off Travelstart‘s homepage you would discover incredible deals that only a site like this can offer. From cruises up the Norwegian coast to all inclusive island stays in the Maldives theres something for everyone. And the local packages are incredible too!

  1. Group and Business travel

Another interest fact I wasn’t aware of was Travelstart‘s group and business travel offering. So if you’re in need of a custom solution you can get in touch with a representative directly and they’ll do the rest! When you’re traveling in larger groups this can by far the easiest and most cost effective solution.

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